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  • 10 Best Free WordPress Themes from TemplateMonster Marketplace

    WordPress themes are in the great demand among the business owners planning to bring their projects to the web, ordinary users who want to let a wider audience learn about their skills and read their thoughts, as well as web design studios that need to bring a number of cool projects to the web as […]

  • Web Tools & Services That Are Really Working

    Life is simple, all of us have chosen several web tools and services for our projects or needs. Today there are WordPress themes that are complete solutions, have predefined pages and a drag-and-drop builder that help you customize everything. So one tool. The second one is WP E-Signature plugin, a tool we have reviewed in […]

  • Common B2B Marketing Blunders to Avoid

    B2B (business to business) marketing refers to marketing strategies that target other businesses and not individual customers. When done correctly, B2B marketing can be very effective in generating leads. However, there are some mistakes which could result in a waste of time and money. 1. Ignoring vital metrics If you don’t keep track of your […]

  • How Does Embracing Failure Make You A Better Designer

    “I have not failed, I have just found 10 000 ways that won’t work.”  Carl Sandburg We all know that many great inventors and business people failed for so many times before finding the success. And if all these people could found a creative way to rebound from failure, we all can too. This is […]

  • SmartDesk2. When Furniture Becomes A Part of You.

    If you are working in an office or from your own home, on the computer, or doing desktop tasks, there are two most important things on which your work depends besides your professional skills: the chair and the desk. While the office chair is easy to replace, the desk, if it is integrated into the […]

  • 20 Awesome Examples of Attractive Flyer Design

    In a changing climate, you may wonder how you can get positive attention in a new market. Media is largely digital, and it can be difficult to think of advertising any other way. However, to help your business’ message come across as memorable, you may need to find a new approach. This is a syndicated […]