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What Are the Best Tech Jobs in Denver?

There are a variety of job opportunities in Denver, a growing tech hub. Denver’s best tech jobs include:

  1. Software Developer. Across industries, Denver is in need of skilled software developers for building and maintaining software systems.
  2. Data Scientist. Energy, healthcare, and finance companies are among those in Denver that are data-driven. In order to make informed decisions, businesses need data scientists to analyze large sets of data.
  3. Cloud Architect. In Denver, cloud computing is becoming increasingly popular. Secure, efficient, and scalable cloud-based systems are designed and managed by cloud architects.
  4. UX/UI Designer. As companies strive to improve the usability and design of digital products and services, user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) designers are in demand in Denver.
  5. Cybersecurity Analyst. To prevent potential breaches of companies’ networks, systems, and data, cybersecurity analysts are in high demand.
  6. DevOps Engineer. A DevOps engineer ensures the development and deployment of software is efficient and automated. Many Denver companies are looking for skilled DevOps engineers to streamline their development processes.
  7. Network Administrator. A network administrator is responsible for managing and maintaining a computer network. As businesses rely more and more on technology, network administrators in Denver are in high demand.
  8. Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning Engineer. Machine learning and artificial intelligence are being used by Denver-based companies to improve their products and services. These fields are highly sought after by engineers.
  9. Product Manager. A product manager oversees the development and launch of new products. As there are more and more tech startups in Denver, product managers are in high demand.
  10. Mobile App Developer. Denver is in need of mobile app developers as mobile devices become more prevalent. It is becoming increasingly important for companies to hire mobile app developers who can design engaging and intuitive apps.

Why is Denver a Great Location for Augmented Reality Professionals?

For augmented reality (AR) professionals, Denver is an excellent location for several reasons:

  1. Growing AR Industry. Denver’s AR industry is rapidly growing, with many startups and established companies focusing on technology. As a result, there is a strong job market for AR professionals.
  2. Strong Tech Industry. In Denver, there are many established companies and startups in the technology sector. A supportive ecosystem is created for AR professionals, and other technology experts can collaborate with one another.
  3. Top-Notch Talent Pool. There are several colleges and universities in Denver that offer strong computer science and engineering programs. By creating a talented pool of professionals with valuable skills, the AR industry becomes more competitive.
  4. Quality of Life. As one of the world’s top tech hubs, Denver is known for having a thriving arts and culture scene, access to outdoor activities, and a low cost of living.
  5. Government Support. Several initiatives in Colorado support the tech industry, including the Colorado Innovation Network and the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade. It is through these initiatives that AR professionals can foster a supportive environment.

The city is renowned for its high quality of life, growing industry, and strong talent pool for AR professionals.

The Ten Best AR/XR/VR Jobs in Denver

The following are ten notable AR/XR/VR job opportunities in Denver, Colorado. Jobs may become available at any time, so make sure to keep checking job search platforms and company websites to find the latest openings:

  1. AR/VR Software Engineer at Trimble. Trimble is a geospatial technology company. Job openings occasionally exist for AR/VR software engineers.
  2. XR Developer at Foundry 45. Immersive training and simulation are the focus of Foundry 45 software. Their virtual and augmented reality projects sometimes require XR developers.
  3. AR/VR Engineer at Lockheed Martin. Lockheed Martin makes aerospace and defense products. AR/VR engineers can work on cutting-edge applications in aerospace and defense.
  4. VR Content Producer at The Denver Museum of Nature & Science. VR technology is used at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science. Occasionally, they have job openings for VR content producers.
  5. XR Interaction Designer at STRIVR. STRIVR provides VR training solutions. Job openings occasionally exist for XR interaction designers.
  6. Unity Developer at RE/MAX. For property showcasing, RE/MAX uses VR technology. Sometimes they hire Unity developers to work on VR applications.
  7. AR/VR Product Manager at Spectra Logic. Spectra Logic manages and stores data. The company occasionally has openings for AR/VR product managers.
  8. XR Hardware Engineer at Sphero. In addition to robotic toys, Sphero offers educational products. AR/VR device development and integration jobs are occasionally available for XR hardware engineers.
  9. VR Game Developer at Backflip Studios. Games developed by Backflip Studios explore virtual reality. VR game developers are occasionally needed to develop immersive and interactive experiences.
  10. AR/VR Software Architect at Intel. AR/VR is one of Intel’s many areas of expertise. Their job openings sometimes include AR/VR software architects working on advanced AR/VR technologies.

In Denver, Colorado, there are many AR/XR/VR job opportunities available. Make sure you explore job search platforms, company websites, and professional networks for the latest openings.

The Top Ten Artificial Intelligence Jobs in Denver

We have compiled a list of ten of the most notable job opportunities in Denver, Colorado related to artificial intelligence (AI). Job openings may vary from time to time, so check job search platforms and company websites for the latest listings:

  1. Machine Learning Engineer at Google. AI initiatives are part of Google’s technology leadership. For AI projects and platforms, they often hire machine learning engineers.
  2. AI Research Scientist at National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL). NREL is a research institution that focuses on renewable energy. AI research scientists sometimes work on energy-related projects applying AI techniques.
  3. Data Scientist at Ibotta. In addition to offering cashback rewards, Ibotta is a mobile technology company. There is often an opening for a data scientist who is capable of analyzing large datasets and developing AI-driven solutions.
  4. AI Software Engineer at LogRhythm. LogRhythm is a company that provides security intelligence. Occasionally, they have job openings for AI software engineers to work on developing AI algorithms and technologies.
  5. Natural Language Processing (NLP) Engineer at OpenAI. AI research is conducted by OpenAI. The company occasionally hires NLP engineers for natural language generation and understanding projects.
  6. AI Strategy Consultant at KPMG. The KPMG Group is a global consulting firm. There are sometimes opportunities for AI strategy consultants to assist organizations in developing and implementing AI strategies.
  7. Computer Vision Engineer at Trimble. Geospatial technology company Trimble specializes in geospatial solutions. Occasionally, they hire computer vision engineers for AI and computer vision projects.
  8. AI Product Manager at Ping Identity. A company called Ping Identity manages identities and accesses. There are occasionally positions available for AI product managers who will drive AI development and implementation.
  9. AI Research Engineer at Lockheed Martin. As a global aerospace and defense company, Lockheed Martin provides a wide range of products. Sometimes they need AI researchers to work on aerospace and defense AI projects.
  10. AI Developer at DISH Network. Satellite television provider DISH Network provides its services through satellites. There are occasionally openings for AI developers in the media and entertainment industry to work on AI-driven solutions and technologies.

In Denver, Colorado, there are many AI job opportunities available. Discover the latest openings matching your skills and interests by exploring job search platforms, company websites, and professional networks.

Why You Should Move to Denver

Denver offers several advantages for those considering moving there:

  1. Outdoor Recreation. The surrounding area of Denver has several national parks, ski resorts, and hiking trails that make it an excellent place for outdoor activities. As a result, outdoor enthusiasts will find it to be an ideal location.
  2. Strong Job Market. Its job market is strong, particularly in the healthcare and tech industries. Because of this, the unemployment rate is low and salaries are higher than average.
  3. Quality of Life. Denver’s quality of life metrics consistently rank high, thanks to a focus on work-life balance, low housing costs, and a variety of cultural and entertainment offerings.
  4. Progressive Values. With a strong focus on environmental sustainability, inclusiveness, and social justice, Denver is known for its progressive values.
  5. Craft Beer and Food Scene. The Denver craft beer and food scene is thriving, with breweries and restaurants offering a range of unique flavors.
  6. Weather. Those who enjoy outdoor activities will enjoy the 300 days of sunshine Denver enjoys yearly.
  7. Access to Transportation. Public transportation in Denver is well-developed, including light rail, buses, and bike-sharing programs.

Those looking to relocate to Denver will find outdoor recreation, a strong job market, and a high quality of life there.

Ten Facts About Denver You Should Know

The following are ten things you should know about Denver:

  1. Due to its elevation of exactly one mile (5,280 feet), Denver is nicknamed the “Mile High City.”.
  2. Located in the state of Colorado, Denver is the capital city and the state’s largest city.
  3. The Denver metro area has over 3 million people and the city proper has over 700,000 people. Denver is the largest city in Colorado.
  4. In Denver, the climate is semi-arid, with 300 days of sunshine on average each year. Summers are warm and dry, while winters can be cold and snowy.
  5. There are several professional sports teams in Denver, including the Denver Broncos (football), Colorado Rockies (baseball), Denver Nuggets (basketball), and Colorado Avalanche (hockey).
  6. During the Colorado Gold Rush, Denver was established in 1858 as a mining town.
  7. In addition to museums, galleries, and theaters, Denver is home to annual events such as the Denver Art Festival and the Great American Beer Festival.
  8. More than 100 breweries are located in and around Denver, making it a city known for its craft beer scene.
  9. The Red Rocks Amphitheatre is one of the world’s most iconic music venues, located just outside of Denver.
  10. The University of Denver, Metropolitan State University of Denver, and Regis University are among the colleges and universities in Denver.

What You Should Know About Denver’s Housing Market?

Denver’s housing market can be summarized as follows:

  1. High Demand. With a low supply of homes for sale and high demand from buyers, Denver’s housing market is highly competitive.
  2. Rising Prices. During the past several years, Denver home prices have steadily increased due to high demand. Currently, Denver’s median home price is around $500,000.
  3. Seller’s Market. Denver is a seller’s market due to the low inventory and high demand, meaning that sellers have more negotiating power.
  4. Low Vacancy Rates. With a low vacancy rate and rising rental prices, Denver’s rental market is highly competitive.
  5. New Construction. In Denver, many apartment buildings have been built to meet the demand for housing.
  6. Location Matters. It is important to consider the location within a city when determining the price of a home or an apartment. Prices tend to be higher in areas near downtown or with good transportation access.
  7. Competitive Bidding. Multiple offers are common for homes in Denver, so buyers may have to make a competitive offer to secure their desired house.
  8. Strong Economy. As Denver’s job market and economy grow, demand for housing has increased, particularly among young professionals.
  9. Mortgage Rates. In the US, mortgage rates are near historic lows, which makes purchasing a home more affordable but also increases competition.

There is a low inventory of homes for sale in Denver, leading to a highly competitive housing market there. To secure their desired home or apartment, buyers and renters should be prepared for a competitive market.

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