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  • Underpants and the Strategic Value of Marketing and Communications

    People often ask me what I do. It’s a pretty standard getting to know someone question, but as an individual that has worked in numerous areas of marketing and communications, it is often difficult to explain. The reason I was first interested in marketing is much easier to articulate. Essentially every single company in existence […]

  • Content Marketing Icon Ann Handley on Leadership & Inspiration

    Inspiration is the fuel that drives motivation. In order to create anything truly great, you must first be inspired. The digital world that we all now live is often focused on tangible, quantifiable metrics, but none of those metrics even come close to realization without inspiration. In our business, we continually look to successful, invigorating […]

  • Infographic – Creating Effective Headlines and Titles

    One of the biggest challenges of content marketing is getting people to actually see your content. Yes, you need to follow SEO best practices and write engaging content that is scannable and formatted for the Web, but none of that really matters if people don’t get hooked by your title and click through to actually […]

  • Infographic – How to Effectively Do Content Curation

    More than 50 percent of Americans read news on the internet, and a significant number of these people get most of their news from headlines on social media. Posting curated content on social media is a great way to increase sales and brand awareness for your business. Still, many people don’t fully comprehend the techniques behind […]

  • Establishing Authority – Lessons from America’s Finest

    We all know the song: sing it with me. ♪Bad boys, bad boys, Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do, When they come for you♪. Law officers have been in the news recently, some for good, and some for bad. I’m not going to link to a bad story. Just check your Facebook feed or any […]

  • How to Create Amazing Infographics

    When trying to create viral content, it’s important to remember what your readers want. Often times, a long winded, black and white text article is not going to catch someone’s attention. If you’re a marketer or business owner looking for a new content marketing strategy, infographics can help you boost SEO, gain traffic, and get […]

  • Could Your Business Win Olympic Gold?

    It’s that wonderful time in the world again, where for the next two weeks we are going to rally around our (hopefully Zika-free) athletes, and celebrate public nationalism. Every 2 years, we get together and shout a collective USA! USA! USA! for an entire fortnight, and I couldn’t’ be happier about it. I don’t think […]

  • Content Marketing 101: Blogging Tips

      We get it. You don’t have the time have time to maintain a blog for your business. And, if you’re starting out, you may question whether or not it’s worth the investment. Even though blogging doesn’t cost a fortune, there are still a couple of things that you’ll have to pay for, like web […]

  • Gotta Catch ‘Em All – Customer Acquisition and Engagement Lessons from Pokémon Go

    Unless you’ve been trapped on a deserted island for the last week, you’ve no doubt heard the buzz around Pokémon Go, the new app that allows users to catch Pokémon in the real world. Believe me, if Wilson was a Pokeball, Tom Hanks would have been rescued by a group of teenagers before he even […]