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  • What I Learned from Checking BuzzSumo Every Day for a Month

    I use a lot of different tools and various software for marketing. But one of my absolute favorites is BuzzSumo. I love it! At this point, I consider it a linchpin useful for several different aspects of marketing. And apparently I’m not alone. Big name brands, such as TechRadar, TechTarget and even Rolling Stone magazine, […]

  • This script automates adding any AdWords data to a Google spreadsheet

    If you’ve ever been frustrated at the amount of time you spend creating PPC reports, you’re not alone. Today, I’ll do my best to help you with a new AdWords script I just finished. The severity of the reporting problem became very clear to me at a conference I recently attended. Attendees were asked to leave sticky notes describing the […]

  • SEO case study: Zero to 100,000 visitors in 12 months

    You need more traffic. More visitors on your site means more impressions, more signups, more purchases — more revenue. But how do you capture more traffic from search results that are becoming more crowded, more diverse, and evolving in the way they are delivered? With SEO, of course! This is a syndicated article from one […]

  • 10 Easy Tips for Professional Audio Quality

    I started working with podcasts because I was an avid podcast listener. I would be listening to a conversation, hanging on every word, and then it would happen: the guest would bump his mic at the exact moment when he said the one thing I wanted to hear, and I’d miss out. Our content should […]

  • How to Carve Out Your Own Slice of Independence

    Today is Independence Day in the U.S. I’ve written before about the theme of independence and how it plays out in our lives today. Independence is more important to Americans than ever. Thirty-five percent of the U.S. workforce are now working as freelancers. And while the current uncertainty around our health insurance system might make […]

  • The biggest trends & changes in PPC so far in 2017

    In 2016, mobile drove the nearly $6 billion year-over-year increase in search spend and and surpassed desktop for the first time, according to the IAB. Now that mobile is a given and we no longer have to wonder if this is its year, let’s look at the big trends, launches and news we’ve seen so far […]

  • How to determine if that ‘free audit’ solicitation email is legit

    One of my small business clients forwarded an email to me with the question, “Do I want this no-obligation audit?” I stand behind the work I do, so I have no qualms if a client wants to use tools, or even reports, from other agencies to see how their websites stack up to the competition. […]

  • 7 Things That Make Digital Marketers Curse at Their Computers Every Day

    If you work in digital media, you know that technology can be a bit of a pain in the ass. Computers freeze and crash, websites take forever to load, Skype is a big piece of shit – you know the drill. But what are the things that literally grind your gears and make you CURSE […]

  • 5 Things to Know About Hiring a NJ SEO Company in 2018

    For companies doing business in the great state of New Jersey, SEO might become more and more important to your company’s marketing plan this year. As it has been for the last decade, search engine optimization (SEO) continues to become a fire-hot tactic to increase sales and ROI and isn’t going anywhere any time soon. […]