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  • The History of Blogging: 1994-Present [Infographic]

    Although social media play a huge part in modern marketing for businesses, blogging for your business is still a relevant and a key thing to do. It doesn’t matter if you are a small business start-up or a large corporation, having and regularly updating a blog is a very important method to market your business. […]

  • How to Craft an Outstanding Guest Post

    Last week, I explained why guest posting is so valuable (and not just for link juice). Then, one of our regular contributors, Ali Luke, wrote about how to find opportunities and pitch your post. Today I want to dig further into coming up with an idea and writing your post itself. As a guest poster, […]

  • Find and Pitch the Perfect Guest Posting Opportunities

    Today ProBlogger Subject Matter Expert Ali Luke is guest posting about guest posting. So, you’ve realised that guest posting has loads of benefits for you and your blog, but you’re not quite sure how to go about it. Maybe you’re worried that you don’t have enough experience. Perhaps you haven’t even got an active blog […]

  • 7 Powerful Non-SEO Reasons to Try Guest Posting

    This is the first post in our series on Guest Posting, with a focus on benefits other than just SEO, for a more successful and fulfilling approach to finding readers for your blog. Guest posting is not all (or even mostly) about SEO. My first experience of ‘guest posts’ was back in […]

  • Underpants and the Strategic Value of Marketing and Communications

    People often ask me what I do. It’s a pretty standard getting to know someone question, but as an individual that has worked in numerous areas of marketing and communications, it is often difficult to explain. The reason I was first interested in marketing is much easier to articulate. Essentially every single company in existence […]

  • Content Marketing Icon Ann Handley on Leadership & Inspiration

    Inspiration is the fuel that drives motivation. In order to create anything truly great, you must first be inspired. The digital world that we all now live is often focused on tangible, quantifiable metrics, but none of those metrics even come close to realization without inspiration. In our business, we continually look to successful, invigorating […]

  • How Donald Trump and Science Can Help Your Content Convert More Leads and Sales

    Writing a viral article doesn’t bring in customers (generally), it brings in views and interest. Writing many articles (or various content), consistently, while displaying your expertise, giving sound advice, showing people how to be successful, and providing a great experience…that brings in views, interest, comfortability, and yes, customers. What are the reasons why your content […]

  • Content Marketing 101: Blogging Tips

      We get it. You don’t have the time have time to maintain a blog for your business. And, if you’re starting out, you may question whether or not it’s worth the investment. Even though blogging doesn’t cost a fortune, there are still a couple of things that you’ll have to pay for, like web […]

  • Content Marketing 101: Building Content Around Your Goals and Objectives

    Although catchy, and one of the greatest taglines for a brand, Nike’s “Just Do It” is terrible advice when it comes to content marketing. As discussed previously, creating a successful content marketing strategy involves identifying your goals and objectives, knowing your target audience, putting together your A-team to make your ideas a reality. In other […]