Why SEO is the Key to a Steady Income for Digital Nomads


The latest stats show that 89% of individuals start the buying process from a search engine. Whether you are a digital nomad who sells physical products, services, or online courses, it’s clear that people need to be able to find your site in order to make a purchase from you. The primary way that this is achieved is through solid SEO. However, aside from this obvious reason, SEO is crucial for digital nomads for a number of other reasons.

Not sure that your site needs enhanced SEO to help build a successful career? Explore three reasons why every digital nomad needs to assess this part of their website to produce a steady income.

Develop trust among those searching for your niche

When working as a digital nomad, building trust with individuals you’ve never met is a top goal. While the absence of face-to-face communication can be challenging at times, it is crucial to do everything in your power to make your audience see you as an authority in your industry. One subtle way to achieve this objective is through ranking high in search results. People consistently visit and trust websites that appear higher up on the page when searching for a term or phrase. To prove this point, Forbes.com reported in 2017 that the “first five results receive 67.6% of clicks, whereas the remaining five just receive 3.73%.”

Provides a cost-effective way to market your brand

Rather than spending $100s or even $1,000s of dollars on social media and Google advertising, SEO provides an incredibly cost-effective way to “market” your brand. In fact, an inbound strategy such as enhanced SEO has been shown to cost around 61% less than other marketing strategies. One could argue that SEO is also more effective overall than a paid advertising campaign, since websites that rank higher are naturally more trusted. Additionally, rather than paying for multiple advertising campaigns with awesome graphic design that have an end date, enhancing your website’s SEO is a benefit that extends long after you’ve paid for expert assistance.

Stand out among your competitors

As the number of freelancers and remote workers continue to rise, standing out among your competitors becomes more important with each passing day. Successful digital nomads achieve this through engaging blog content, impressive graphic design elements, exceptional social media content, and top-tier email newsletter content. In addition to these essential pieces, a focus on SEO must also be part of this mix. In fact, SEO should be one of the most important priorities for digital nomads. Because the many elements that lead to strong SEO are also beneficial to the user experience (e.g. quality, easy-to-read content), concentrating on this area will easily help you stand out among your competitors.

The life of a digital nomad is full of many moving parts. From social media, to advertising, to meeting your yearly income goals, there is never a shortage of things to do. At times, the busyness of this lifestyle can make it challenging to prioritize tasks. However, if there is one thing that should never fall off of your to-do list, it is to monitor your website’s SEO.