Top 5 Digital Marketing Tips for 2021

Digital marketing 2021 UX

We all know that 2020 brought about a number of major changes. Staying home only increased our reliance on technology. And while some industries came to a standstill, others thrived as consumers searched for online solutions.

In 2021, digital marketing will continue to play an essential role in business promotion. In order to increase your reach, improve your web presence, and generate traffic to your website, consider trying out these digital marketing tips this year.

Prioritize User Experience (UX)

Creating a positive user experience isn’t a new concept by any means. But it matters more than ever to search engines and to web visitors. Google’s Page Experience algorithm update is set to launch in May 2021, which means sites will be under even greater scrutiny. When you’re being evaluated on the experience you provide to site visitors, you’ll want to focus on easy navigation, site loading speed, decreased delays, mobile responsiveness, and website security. A web developer or web designer can assist you in making sure that your website will support, rather than hinder, your goals.

Explore Local SEO

Any white label SEO agency will tell you that local optimizations can make a huge difference for businesses. If you depend on customers within your immediate area, you should ensure that your website is properly optimized for web searches conducted by those in your community. Make sure to dedicate separate landing pages for your service areas and to include relevant local keywords in your titles, headings, meta descriptions, and tags. You should also take advantage of free platforms like Google My Business and other local listings directories to increase your visibility in search results.

Don’t Forget About Voice Search

Voice-powered search isn’t just a passing trend. It’s become the standard for all kinds of web searches. Mobile users are more likely to use voice search because it’s extremely convenient — and the technology has improved immensely. Optimizing your site for voice search can allow you to more readily appear in SERPs. Make sure to adopt a conversational tone and add FAQs to your website to increase your chances of showing up for relevant searches powered by voice.

Try Your Hand at Video Content

Video media can be intimidating, but it’s really becoming the new frontier for content creation. You don’t necessarily need to have an impressive studio or a background in video production to create enticing content for customers. Whether you post videos on social media or use this content in your digital ads, this type of content is extremely engaging and can make all the difference in your digital marketing strategy.

Invest in Reputation Management

Online reviews are key for businesses in 2021. These reviews matter just as much as (or even more than) personal recommendations. If your site has zero online reviews, it’s going to be much harder for customers to trust you. You’ll want to focus your efforts on generating online reviews from satisfied customers on popular platforms and managing those reviews through thoughtful, prompt responses. Even if you receive a negative review, most customers will care more about how you handle it. If you lead with your values and make sure the customer feels heard, you’ll win out in the end. 

Developing a successful digital marketing strategy can be challenging, but these tips will give you a great place to start. If you keep these recommendations in mind, you’ll be well on your way to beating out the competition this year.