The Blackbook Boutique and Lounge Redefines Bookkeeping In South Jersey

Let’s be honest here, most of us probably have the worst bookkeeping habits and don’t even know it. I know myself that I struggle with the little things like keeping track of EVERY transaction I make from month to month and haven’t even reconciled my bank account ever! As a matter of fact, I haven’t even thought of how bad I am with it until I started working at the office in the Blackbook Boutique and Lounge in Swedesboro New Jersey.


I’m sure i’m not alone in the fact that bookkeeping in general isn’t exactly what I want to be doing at the end of each month but, there are many benefits to great bookkeeping and general financial advice to begin with. Here’s a few things to look out for:

Be Aware of Fraud and Use Protection:

Fraud is one of those things that you can almost never erase. It’s time consuming, highly annoying, and incredibly destructive to all of your financial assets. If you’re lucky enough to catch it early you can prevent any overages or fees that your bank WILL charge you and the worst part is that you will more than likely never see that money again. So get protected!

Budget Like You’ve Never Budgeted Before:

Having a budget planned for the year is an easy and very valuable thing to have as a small but growing venture. If you can plan out each month so that you have calculated your expenses against your income (money coming in) and the income is “In The Black” (meaning zero loss) you will be successful. And if it isn’t, having your books balanced will help appropriate accountability to where the money is being drained I.e. one too many bar tabs.

Catch and Report Statement Errors:

At the end of the day, Banks are run by people, and people make mistakes from time to time. Granted, I would be highly pissed if those mistakes were in regards to my business’s bank account, but it does happen. Generally speaking you have 30 days to report any errors to your account but the rule of thumb here is the sooner the better.

Know Your Sh*t:

By this of course I mean learn what is working for you/your business and what isn’t. We all aren’t lucky enough to be gifted with the brilliant skill set of being pseudo accountants. If you’re a wizard at TurboTax, great one less service to outsource. But if you have no idea how to reconcile your account or plan a budget, get help! Hiring someone to perform a task for you shouldn’t be just a money for services exchange, you should really make an effort to learn the trade.

Prepare for the worst:

If you have a plan for everything then when something goes wrong you have the answer. Don’t be one of those folks that believes “that will never happen to me” because Karma dictates that you my friend are first in line. Also, it looks really attractive when you can speak fluently in all aspects of your business. Which, goes back to living your brand and establishing yourself as an expert.

Blackbook is redefining bookkeeping by focusing on a unique mission: to not only help with these mundane routine tasks no one wants to do, but to also actually help get your books in the black and hold their clients accountable (the way a personal trainer would hold you accountable to eat healthy and workout if you wanted to lose weight).

Their mission is to understand where your business is, where you want it to go, and provide services that will result in effective decision making based on timely reporting, while saving money by automating and streamlining processes, and staying on track with accountability plans (not just providing reports and moving on). Blackbook even dips their toes in business development services to increase their clients’ sales.

If you’re interested in learning more about bookkeeping services for your business or for a great co-working location visit