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  • Achieving Expressive Social Media ROI

    NWA may have said it best: [Dr. Dre:] Yo, man… There’s a lot of brothers out there flakin’ and perpetratin, But scared to kick reality. [Ice Cube:] Man, you’ve been doing all this dope producing. You had a chance to show ’em what time it is?… [Dr. Dre:] So, what you want me to do? […]

  • How to Market to Millennials: Sometimes, Everyone Needs a Trophy

    In the marketing world, we have all at least heard some discussion in the past few years about the importance of the Millennial Generation, you know, these guys: Wait…These Guys!!! Ok, maybe not those guys as much, but yes, even them. Full disclosure, for the image to the right, I looked for the most diverse, most […]

  • Digital Marketing Lessons From a Child: Know Your ABCs

    When developing digital marketing strategies, many companies approach them as if they were a child learning to write their ABCs. They put in the work and effort, for the ohs and ahs of a few individuals, who hang them up on the ‘fridge’, until a few months or years pass and they write something better […]

  • Using Social Media to Drive Business Results

    As technology has become more sophisticated, so has the ability of companies to use technology for advantageous measures.  One of the most exciting tools of the technology era is social media. Social media is a form of communication that is disseminated through social interaction.  It is created using highly accessible and scalable publishing techniques and believed […]