South Jersey Business Spotlight: Bee Inspired Yoga

I had the pleasure of interviewing Rebekah Mulford of Bee Inspired Yoga over the weekend to talk about her growing yoga studio located in my hometown of Woodstown, NJ! It’s always great to get insight and inspiration from others in the area who venture out and start their own business.

When did you start Bee Inspired Yoga?

I opened South Jersey’s Bee Inspired Yoga in April 2012, we just celebrated our 5 year anniversary

What inspired you to take your passion and start a business?

When I started practicing yoga I never imagined teaching it let alone owning a studio. But as my interest and passion for the practice grew I wanted to share the benefits and hope to inspire others to find their path. Yoga offers so much to so many people, from the physical practice to a peace of mind that we all crave.

What would you consider to be key points of “success” since you started the studio?

In the last 5 years I would say the key points of success has been offering a consistent product. My clients know that no matter who is teaching or what style of class they are going to leave feeling good. That has translated to positive word of mouth. Along with this, being visible on social media has extended our reach beyond the local area.

What kind of problems and issues did you run into at first? What continues to be a challenge?

Trying to keep up with trends in yoga and fitness, What to offer and when to offer it and keep things new and fresh without trying to reinvent the wheel every few months. In the past 5 years there has been a surge of new studios and a flood of new teachers, so staying on top of the list has been a challenge. There are so many great options all with a few minutes drive, so I need to make sure that only my clients are happy but trying to reach out new potential clients on a daily basis can be hard.

Obviously we talk about digital media and marketing around here. How has the web played a role in growing your business and what channels do you use to spread the word?

I started with just a basic website and Facebook. Over the years I have relied more heavily on social media to get info out quickly. This has its ups and downs. While social media is a quick reach, it can be so overwhelming to clients who follow tons of pages. Since opening I have added a more detailed website and a Constant Contact email. It’s been helpful to be able to be found quickly by someone looking for yoga in the area. And the email list to reach my current clients.

What can we look forward in 2017 and beyond for the “Bee Inspired” brand?

I am hoping that with a fresh web presence to build our client base. In addition to our classes at the studio I am hoping to start offering live stream classes or a web class that be accessed by people outside of the area or by clients beyond the scheduled studio classes.

I love what I do, and I have amazing teachers and clients, We are looking forward to sharing our passion with many more for years to come.