Setting Up a Business Car Fleet for Employees: What to Consider

The nature of the business that you’re running may involve more than just sitting in an office cubicle for eight hours. In fact, your employees may be spending most of their working hours inside a vehicle than out of it. But if they’re using vehicles under their name to fulfill their duties to your business, you might have little to no control at all as to whether they’re indeed working or not on borrowed company time. Thus, you’ll want to set up a business car fleet for your employees instead. However, here are some things to consider first before proceeding to pay for a bunch of cars that your employees would use for business purposes:

car fleet for employees

  1. You can either lease or buy a business car fleet.

You have two options when purchasing a business car fleet, namely lease and buy.

If you lease a business car fleet, you can save on costs as monthly payments for each of the cars under it are usually lower compared to buying them outright. You can also replace your old business car fleet with a brand-new one once your lease expires. A business car fleet for lease typically consists of newer car models as well, thus saving you money from having to send them often to a nearby repair shop.

Meanwhile, if you buy a business car fleet, you can easily pick specialty-use cars that your business might need. You can also easily replace your old business car fleet with a brand-new one whenever you feel like they aren’t meeting your business needs anymore since you aren’t bound to a lease. You can resell some or even all of the cars in your business car fleet at a lower price to account for value depreciation without being forced to drop their prices too low.

It’s entirely up to you though whether you want to lease or buy a business car fleet as long as you’ve taken the above-listed considerations for each of the two options into account before coming up with a final decision.

  1. You’ll have to assume liability once you either lease or buy a business car fleet


The business car fleet that you’ll either be buying or leasing will become your business’s property. Therefore, you’re automatically liable in case an employee of yours driving any of the cars under your business car fleet gets caught in an accident regardless if it’s their fault or not.

But again, as your business car fleet would become part of your business’s property, your car insurance wouldn’t be able to cover anything bad that happens to any of its cars. You should thus take out specialized car insurance that especially caters to business owners like you.

  1. You may become eligible for preferred pricing when you buy a business car fleet in bulk.

As you might initially have little to no clue on how to buy a business car fleet, you may have planned on buying each of the cars under it individually and simply assembling the entire fleet all by yourself. It might allow you to have a business car fleet comprised of different cars, each of them different from the other. But buying your business cars one by one can take a huge chunk out of your business income.

To save on expenses, you can buy a business car fleet with at least five cars in it wholesale. The dealership where you’ll be purchasing your business car fleet might give you a discounted price, though, you should speak to their fleet vehicle manager about it to be sure.

  1. You might not want to let your employees use your business car fleet for their personal use.

As its name states, your business car fleet is ideally supposed to be used only for business purposes. Thus, you wouldn’t want any of your employees to sneak in personal use using your business car fleet.

To ensure that your employees are indeed using your business car fleet for business purposes only, you can have telematics installed in each of the cars under it so that you can easily track their whereabouts.


In the United Kingdom alone, the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association’s business car fleet had expanded to 987,000 vehicles between 2016 and 2017 which only goes to show that leasing or even buying a business car fleet is the soundest decision you might ever make. After all, with a business car fleet in place, the demands of your business would be met by your employees faster. But before you go ahead and either lease or buy a business car fleet, you’ll want to take note of the above-listed considerations when planning to set up one for your employees so that part of your business income that you’ll spend for it wouldn’t go to waste.

Amelia Smith

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