Having Problems with Goose Control or Need Geese Repellent? Check Out Flight Control Plus!

geese repellent

One of the coolest things about networking with different kinds of businesses over the years is just exploring the vast amount of niche products and services out there – every day I find something new and say to myself – this is a thing?

That’s exactly what I thought when I was introduced to geese repellent company Flight Control Plus. Based over the bridge in New Castle, DE, Flight Control manufactures products that take care of geese control problems in a safe and humane way.

Apparently geese can become a major problems for say for example golf courses, who feed on (and deposit waste) on the turf. A very obvious problem when you think about it, but something I never thought about needing. Flight Control Plus basically gives the geese an upset stomach, and also uses a UV visual cues to deter geese from eating the grass again.

geese control

Instead of trying to kill or use poison to solve your geese problems, Flight Control Plus gives them a good reason to come back anymore and to seek out a new lunch spot.

Other places that need to figure out how to get rid of geese include sports facilities like baseball and footballs stadiums, farms, airports, and more. Here’s a pretty interesting Brainshark video that explores the process in detail.