The Old Man’s Guide to Online Tools That Can Save $$$ for Your Business

The internet is not only a powerful way to reach your target audience using a variety of different mediums, but it has the potential to save your business a considerable amount of cash throughout the years if you know how to use it. If you’re an old man or woman who has never heard about the concepts and tools listed below, get out your reading glasses – it’s time to learn!

If you want to increase your company’s financial security, here are five online tools that can save money for your business.

  • Online Automation Software

Manual processes can strip away at your employees’ productivity, morale, and job satisfaction. It makes financial sense to invest in online automation software solutions, which can streamline processes and complete manual tasks.

For example, you could invest in online automation tools that can:

The innovative technologies can save businesses both time and money, which can free up their employees’ schedule to work on more exciting projects.

  • Comparison Tools

Many companies make the huge mistake of failing to use the many comparison tools available online, which could save them a significant sum throughout the years. For instance, if you are spending a considerable amount on electricity each month, you can slash your outgoings with a business electricity comparison tool at Utility Bidder, so you’ll pay less money for the same energy each month.

  • Video Conferencing Software

Making many local, national, and international phone calls each working day can become expensive. Rather than wasting your organization’s hard-earned revenue, you should use the many free or affordable video conferencing software options available.

The best options to choose from include:

  • Skype
  • Adobe Connect
  • Google Hangouts
  • Zoom
  • Lifesize

So, you could make various calls anywhere in the world at any time for a fraction of your monthly phone bill.

  • A Productivity Suite

While the likes of Microsoft Office can support your business operations, there are other free productivity suites available that could save your business money each year. For example, Google Drive not only provides reliable storage, but it also offers Docs, Slides, and Sheets.

Another big benefit is its collaboration options, as it allows users to create documents and then invite others to make comments, suggestions, or edits, which can simplify group work. If you have a Google account, it is free to use; however, you’ll need to pay a small monthly fee for your team to use the business G Suite account.

  • Project Management Apps

As time is money in business, you would be smart to introduce a project management app into the workplace. It can help your team to prioritize jobs, assign and manage tasks, and keep track of various goals. 

It can, therefore, eliminate confusion in the workplace, as your employees will know exactly what they need to do and when they need to do it. So, the tool can help your team to scratch various tasks off their list at a faster rate, which can lead to greater profitability for the business.

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