Leadership Hacks – Overcome Anxiety

It’s natural for you as a leader to think that everyone’s eyes are on you. That’s probably because they are – you are, after all, the leader. That, however, probably doesn’t do your anxiety levels any good. Every time you get into your head and think that everyone is waiting for you to fail so they can laugh, there is a good chance that you are going to doubt yourself into actually failing and then that self-fulfilling prophecy will have come true.

The more you think about it, the more anxious you get. So much so that you end up being rooted at the same spot and taking your eyes off the ultimate goal – being the fierce leader that you are in the eyes of others.
What can you do? Is there any leadership hacks to overcome anxiety?

How to Overcome Anxiety as a Leader

There are things that you can do to overcome anxiety. Some of the methods mentioned here are conventional and probably things that you have thought of trying before while others might not be so…”in the box.” That being said, here are some tips on how to overcome your anxiety as a leader:

Step 1: Accept That You Have Anxiety 

As counterintuitive as this might sound, actually denying that you have anxiety isn’t doing you any favors. You need to accept that fact that you get anxious when it comes to things like public speaking and responsibility; you know, things that leaders tend to do. Owning it means that you are slowly taking power away from your anxiety, and you can finally start taking action towards squashing that monster.

Step 2: Change a Few of Your Habits

This ties into owning the fact that you have anxiety. When you have anxiety, you will automatically tend to do things like avoiding social situations. You need to stop that and start doing the exact opposite. Put yourself in situations that will force you to overcome your anxiety and mingle with people:

1. Join speed dating events
2. Take public speaking lessons
3. Learn how to make small talk (memorize some jokes if you have to)

Once you make a habit of putting yourself in social situations that make you uncomfortable, you will find that you become desensitized towards the fear that comes with them. You will actually become better at it and more comfortable at doing these things.