The Invoicing App That Changed My Business Is Now Available for the Iphone

It’s pretty amazing to think that just a few years ago, was almost on the verge of being sold. As my personal “brand” for many years that allowed me to jump into the world of freelancing full time, I had had enough of the lifestyle, of the hustle to get new ongoing web development clients, of trying to read so much about the ever changing world of SEO, of trying to get PAID and put food on the table – I was BURNT OUT.

burnt out without an invoicing app
Me Circa 2014

Then, out of nowhere it seemed, my luck started to change. Clients starting popping out of nowhere, I started getting interviewed about all things marketing online, new business partnerships were forged, and people started talking about evolvor again. After a long and dry spell, things finally started to gel and here we are today, bigger and busier then we’ve ever been, with a growing team of partners, clients, projects, revenue, and success!

A lot of this success since that dreadful summer comes with lessons learned over the years of being a freelancer, lessons I had to learn the hard way. Many of these lessons are attributed to the painful catch-22 of the freelancer lifestyle, where you get to be your own boss, make your own hours, choose to where you want to work for the day (and whether or not to wear pants) and so-on. With all those freedoms comes all the responsibilities that many take for grants, namely, keeping your business organized, finding sales channels, sending out proposals, and most importantly, creating invoices so you can actually GET PAID.

invoicing app payday
Artist rendering of freelancer getting paid

I used to hate it when people asked me to create an invoice. Back then it was just an annoying task of creating a Word document from scratch and trying to make it look “professional”. Then it would be a waiting game before I sent a client an actual invoice through Paypal, and then the waiting game of them actually paying it, then the waiting game of transferring money into my account – it sucked. And screw me if the client felt sketchy about Paypal and I had to talk them into starting an account. Getting paid was work.

That all changed when I was introduced to Invoice Ninja – software that literally changed my business overnight. For years now Invoice Ninja has allowed us to quickly and easily send invoices to new clients and immediately show them that we’re not some typical agency or freelancer guys with a Paypal account that started learning about marketing yesterday – it shows them that we’re legit and that we mean business! It has allowed us to go from a one man show (me) to a full-on marketing agency by keeping our cashflow consistent every month and allowing us to focus our energies on what we do best (and close more sales!).

And now it’s about to get even more efficient. as this month the Invoice Ninja app is finally available for the iPhone. No more waiting to get back to the office to get an invoice out the door!

invoicing app for iphonw
Screenshot of app

4 Reasons the Invoice Ninja iPhone App Will Help You Grow Your Business

In a world where technology has afforded us with the option to work from our fingertips, some things still aren’t guaranteed. With Invoice Ninja, getting paid has never been easier and affordable. Here are a few reasons as to why Invoice Ninja is the invoicing platform that you’ve been looking for:

1. The App is King:

The responsiveness of the app and how quickly it allows you to invoice all of your clients at the push of a button is parallel to none. Also, Invoice Ninja allows you to make suggestions to the app, and unlike other developers, they actually listen. The app is just another thing that Invoice Ninja is doing right. The Invoice Ninja App is currently available on iTunes (for FREE) and an Android platform is coming soon.

2. Get Paid On Time:

Invoice Ninja has allowed me to take control of my business. If you’ve been an independent contractor for a long time you understand the frustration of getting paid along with all of the work you’re just way too busy for. Invoice Ninja gives you the ability to do so in a scheduled, timely manner. And now I can get paid on the go with the App!

3. It’s So Affordable:

Not only is Invoice Ninja super affordable, it doesn’t come with the compromise of their competitors where you lose quality if you don’t buy the “Premium” version. Some actually cost as much as $900! Invoice Ninja’s Pro plan is only $80! Why pay more to get paid?

4. It’s So Easy:

Invoice Ninja is already really easy to use as a service, with the app, it’s even easier. It’s as simple as, who needs to pay, who has paid, and have they received my invoice? All of these questions, and then some, are answered right at your fingertips. You’ll never have to wonder again if someone hasn’t seen your invoice.

It’s a no brainer as to why Invoice Ninja has so many happy customers. When you consider how affordable it is, how easy it is to use, along with being paid on time, and the fact that the app is as integrated as they come, why would you choose another another way to get paid?

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