How The Interwebz Have Taken Over the World – In Numbers

You will not need stats to convince you that the web is being used at an ever-increasing rate but you may well be surprised at just how much it is shaping our lives. For most people, the Internet is an important part of everyday life, although there are concerns around some of the more negative aspects. One such example is less social interaction as children and adults are more likely to spend time on social media than to go out and spend time with actual people.

Have you ever been in a restaurant and looked at the table next to you and the entire family are sat looking at their mobile phones? So the increased Internet use is not always seen as a good thing and the stats in this infographic will open your eyes up to just how much impact it is having.

Did you know that over half of the world’s population are now Internet users? Considering how much of that population can be attributed to infants, the elderly and people in countries where poverty levels are high, this is quite a startling statistic.

Social media has taken over many people’s lives, with so many hours now being spent on Facebook and other platforms each day. There are now 3.1 billion social media users worldwide, up 13% since last year. With new features being constantly introduced, people rarely get bored of social media and the upward trend is unlikely to change anytime in the near future.

Another area that is interesting is the amount of Internet users that are accessing via their mobile phones, which now stands at 52.2% of all website traffic worldwide. Web traffic from mobile phones has actually grown by 36% over the last 5 years so you can see how this is also on a steep upward trend.