How to Improve Your Site’s CTR with Simple Coding Tricks

The Internet advertising business is lucrative and easy to join, but putting your marketing efforts to good use can be tricky. There are several factors involved in how much money you can earn with your website or blog, but having a good CTR is certainly among the most important. Your site’s Click-Thru-Rate (CTR) is a measure of what percentage of users click the ads they encounter. Increasing your CTR can help you earn more money, and make your website more efficient. Read on to learn how to increase CTR with a few basic coding tricks, and start earning more from your ads today.

Ad Design for CTR

One of the best methods of coding your site to ensure a high CTR is to make your ads match the site’s layout and content. This can involve placing the ads near your navigation bar, using colors for un-clicked links on your ad links, and matching the typography of your ads to that used on your website.

The typography in ads may be out of your control, depending on which ad serving platform you’re using, but you can match your site’s main text to it once you learn which font is used. You can also make it fit in more naturally by making the font size on your site align with fonts used in the ads. This can be accomplished using the Font Size Attribute in HTML.

When coding the nav bar for your site, it’s important to know if your layout is primarily going to be vertical or horizontal. That’s because ads placed on your website should match the orientation of your other content. You can even place a horizontal ad bar below a horizontal nav bar to increase CTR, without confusing users. Try using an online color selector tool to ensure the colors used in your ad blocks match the overall color scheme of your website and content.

Tools for Increasing CTR

If you’re not an expert at HTML or CSS but still want to change the code of your website to improve the CTR of your ads, then you’re in luck. Many tools exist for websites owners on various platforms that can improve the aesthetics of your ads and make them fit more naturally with your content.

These ad placement tools are available from advertising platforms, plugin repositories (for WordPress users,) and the Joomla Extension Directory, for Joomla users. If you’ve coded your site from scratch, or by using Bootstrap, but want to use a simple app to edit the coding, then consider using an ad library for your preferred framework.

Another popular tool that people use to increase CTR is ClickFunnels. By using ClickFunnels you can automate the driving of traffic to your website, often by paying a small fee or agreeing to serve specific ads on your platform. ClickFunnels increase sales by ensuring you receive more traffic, and higher-quality traffic, so that your CTR-based ads have plenty of inbound visitors and lots of opportunities to get clicks.

Other Coding Tricks for Improved CTR

Other tricks for coding your site to improve CTR metrics include creating a landing page that focuses on your ads, leaving plenty of white space around your links, and, alternatively, embedding your links as hyperlinks in your text content.

Landing pages are great for advertising because they contain all the information you want to give a user on a single page. For more information, users intuitively check for a link to click to learn more about the topic you’ve introduced. If the prominent links on your landing page are revenue-earning ads, then you’re well-positioned to achieve a high CTR.

There’s some debate over the utilization of white space on a website, regarding CTR. One good method to use white space is to pad your advertising and make it stand out, thus drawing attention to your ad links, and hopefully, enticing users to click them. Others prefer to embed ad links into the text as hyperlinks, which is a more discreet form of advertising and can also be very effective. Try both methods to see which works best for your specific user-base.