How Data Security Affects SEO

There have been many studies into how data security affects SEO and the importance of looking at your own data security and website protection as well as your SEO efforts. There is no use in focusing on your SEO if you aren’t securing your data. Even if you have not been hacked yourself, attacks to other sites from hackers mean that GoogleBot is unable to access your site quickly and it may even prevent your page from being shown on Google. Here we look at how data security affects SEO and why you need to ensure that your data is safe and secure.

SEO hacks

Hacks and SEO

One study recently carried out by GoDaddy has shown the biggest number of cyber-attacks occurred directly for SEO purposes and for SEO spam. This means these hackers then added links to websites alongside brand-new web pages until the original website looks nothing at all like the website that now shows up in Google. This is a clever way that hackers promote their own pages and increase their own SEO, by damaging other websites. If you do not have adequate data protection on your website, your website could be hacked without you even realizing and may even become blacklisted. This is not only bad for SEO, but also bad for business.

Monitoring Your Site

While this problem has been shown to be extremely severe and damaging to websites, many websites do not have the monitoring in place to know when they have had a security breach and when their data has been compromised. Within an SEO strategy, data security is often missed and as a website you cannot rely solely on Google to stop this from happening. If you own your own website, you need to ensure that you have the correct anti-virus software so that you can prevent hackers from stealing your information or negatively impacting on your SEO.

Whose Responsibility is Data Security?

Data security is everyone’s responsibility but at the end of the day, this is your business. If you want to maximize your SEO and keep your data safe, you need to have something in place in case a hacker does try to damage your SEO. Data security affects everyone and doesn’t just negatively impact your SEO. It could also lead to a loss of data alongside losing important customer information that should remain confidential. Companies like Secure Data Recovery can help you recover data and they also provide a digital forensics service. Best of all, you do not need to pay until your data has been recovered. Lost data is extremely damaging, especially to small businesses, so doing everything you can to recover data before it is too late is essential in maintaining your reputation.

Your SEO can be negatively impacted if your data security is not up to scratch and you do not have the necessary software in place to protect your site. SEO spam could be happening without you knowing, and so it is important to check your website and seek professional help if you believe you have been hacked.