How Can You Know If Your Small Business Is Ready for a Loan? A Business Loan Calculator!

If you are a small business owner, you may have considered getting a business loan to give your business a boost.

Many business owners shy away from business loans because they worry that they will be surprised by their monthly payments and will not be able to pay back the loan. We know, it can be nerve-wracking applying for a loan without knowing how much you will end up paying in the end.

That is where a business loan calculator comes in.

This tool can help you calculate how much interest you will pay on the loan and how big your monthly payments will be.

Is a Business Loan Worth It?

Many business owners may question whether getting a business loan is actually worth it.

If you are savvy, then it almost certainly is.

With a business loan, you can hire specialty workers, upgrade equipment, source better materials, or even move to a bigger and better location. These upgrades can make a huge difference in increasing your profits and would make the loan well worth it in the end.

How Does a Business Loan Calculator Work?

So if a business loan can be useful, how can you figure out how much you’ll have to pay?

Business calculators are a great tool to use when deciding whether to apply for a business loan. All you have to do is input how much money you will need from the loan, how many monthly payments you are planning to make (less monthly payments mean each payment will be much higher), and what interest rate your loan could have (this depends on the lender you are interested in.

The calculator will then provide you with a couple of numbers:

  1. Loan Amount– How much money the lender will provide in the loan.
  2. Annual Interest Rate– The annual interest rate will tell you how much interest you will be paying annually.
  3. Total Interest Rate– This will tell you how much interest you will pay on the loan overall.
  4. Fees– Business Loan Calculators will typically also show you any fees like closing fees, documentation fees, funding fees, etc.
  5. Total Cost of the Loan– This is the total cost of the loan when considering the initial loan amount to pay back, all of the interest to be paid, and any fees.

What Can I Do With This Information?

While it is nice to get solid numbers on your potential loan, you still need to know how to interpret these numbers in order to determine whether the loan is right for you.

Below are just a few best practices to consider when using a business loan calculator:

  • Once you calculate your monthly payment amount, ensure that it does not exceed 80% of your business’s net income (include existing debt payments, rent, costs, etc.)
  • The total cost of the loan should not exceed the amount of profits you suspect the loan will generate, For example, when leasing a bigger restaurant location you may find that you can serve twice as many customers, as usual, leading your profits to increase to $200,000 per year. If the total cost of the loan is only $100,000, the loan would be a great idea. If the total cost is closer to $500,000, the loan would lose you $300,000 and should absolutely not be applied for.

Is it Your Time to Get a Business Loan?

We hope that this article has shown you the importance of using a business loan calculator to take some of the uncertainty out of applying for a loan.

With a solid plan for the loan and a healthy amount of research for the right loan, you can really make a huge difference in your profits.

So what are you waiting for? Go try out a business loan calculator today.


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