The History of Blogging: 1994-Present [Infographic]

Although social media play a huge part in modern marketing for businesses, blogging for your business is still a relevant and a key thing to do. It doesn’t matter if you are a small business start-up or a large corporation, having and regularly updating a blog is a very important method to market your business.

Having a blog gives you the opportunity to create high quality content which is relevant to your target market, product or service. Blogging is an additional low-cost marketing strategy which can be used to bring in additional website traffic.

You can supplement your blogging with social media by posting your new blog posts on your social media accounts, allowing your followers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to immediately connect with your blog posts.

Blogging works wonders for SEO, too. Having a blog which is packed full of quality content and kept up to date helps you beat your competitors when it comes to search engine listings.

Your blog posts can be filled with SEO keywords which relate to the topics you’re writing about and then, when people type these keywords into Google or other search engines, your blog post is more likely to appear among the top results.

Having a blog is about more than just increasing sales, website traffic and leads. Having a blog shows your target market and potential customers that you’re an industry leader who knows what they are talking about.

With blog posts which are properly researched and well-written, you send out a professional message which builds up brand identity and trust. The more you are able to demonstrate that you are a serious contender in your industry, the more leads you will generate.

If you want to learn more about business blogging and some information about blogging in general, check out our infographic below.