Are you a marketing specialist or coordinator responsible for your team’s analytics reports?


Does your campaign use SEO reporting tools…because you “have” to do SEO – but are not sure if you are doing it right? Is your understanding of SEO and analytics GOOD… but want it to be GREAT?

Do you find yourself spending countless hours optimizing pages, creating new content, building backlinks, and following the tips and tricks of so-called “experts” – but can’t really pinpoint if something is working or not? Are you stressed each month analyzing social media ad spends, sifting through ad impressions, clicks, reach, and other social media metrics, trying to find the best “story” to tell in your reports?

What if we told you that for $100 a month – we can give you back all the time you spend analyzing data, results, and editing documents and take the frustration out or your monthly reporting?

Our Story

In our 15+ years of digital marketing experience, we’ve felt your pain. We’ve worked on hundreds of websites and driven millions of clicks and visits from every marketing channel possible. And we’ve spent hundreds of hours putting together reports from so many different software programs we’ve lost count. Like us, you probably find yourself assembling custom reports from the following reporting tools, each and every month:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google My Business
  • Google Search Console
  • Moz / SEMRush / Ahrefs
  • Facebook Ad Manager
  • LinkedIN Ads
  • Call Tracking Software
  • …and more?

We know how time consuming it can be to assemble reports with data and screenshots from all these platforms every month. Our previous experience using multiple platforms lead us to customize this amazing tool (our time is valuable too!). We built this tool for us and we use it for our own clients! With this tool you’ll be able to:

  1. Streamlined reporting from your top marketing and analytics channels.
  2. Customize your reporting – decide which channels or data points to show clients or management.
  3. Cut your reporting time down by 50-80%!
  4. Optimizing marketing by identifying gaps –  identify and solve problems faster and easier.
  5. Be the expert in your role and organization by using the reporting dashboard and reports in other media (PowerPoint, for example).

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Your Elite Marketing Dashboard



No more need for looking at multiple reports – your Evolvor Elite Marketing dashboard ties in all your digital channels into one easy-to-digest dashboard and reporting tool.

Our platform syncs your marketing’s most important data – Google Analytics, Google My Business, Search Console, Google Ads, SEO keyword tracking – and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. With Facebook and LinkedIN ads, AdRoll retargeting, and CallRail phone tracking (not to mention future platform integrations), this really is a game-changing all-in-one digital marketing reporting tool.

Track Your SEO Progress


Our Elite SEO Tracker allows you to see the performance of your ongoing SEO efforts – add keywords, view progress in both desktop and organic mobile search.

Backlink Tracking


View incoming and outgoing links, and view valuable link data from industry leaders like AHrefs and Moz all within your Elite Dashboard. Manually add new links in our Backlink Manager and create custom reports to document your link building efforts.

Website SEO Auditor


Take control of your on-page and technical SEO issues with our Website SEO auditor. Using our color-coded auditing process, you’ll be able to view serious SEO efforts, errors, warnings and notices. The auditor checks your site once a week to make sure you’re on-page SEO is constantly being monitored.

Google Search Console


Your SEO health can’t rely on just a rankings tracker and auditor – hook up your Google Search Console account to your dashboard and you’ll be able to view your SEO efforts in action right from Google’s own reporting. Compare your auditing efforts with Google’s own crawler results, see your click and impression data, Search Click-Through-Rate, and more.

Google My Business (GMB)


For those with local brick and mortar businesses, your Elite marketing dashboard becomes even more convenient with the addition of your Google My Business account info. View your listings insights – phone calls, website clicks, map requests and other important customer data points right in your dashboard.

Google Analytics Integration


You got it right – the Elite Dashboard connects right to your Google Analytics account and displays your website’s most important metrics – audience overview data, channel information, top pages, events and most importantly – goal and ecommerce conversion information. All part of what makes the Elite Dashboard so convenient!

Google Ads Integration


Reporting to the boss continues to get even easier with your Google Ads integration. View your ad campaign details and report on your ad spend, cost-per-click (CPC), keyword reports, CTR and Goal Conversions – all the necessary data points your team needs to evaluate the success of your paid SEM campaigns. Now you’re starting to see the power of having all these different marketing data sources all working together in an easy-to-digest summary in your Elite Marketing Dashboard!

Social Media Ad & Call Tracking


Your Elite Marketing dashboard isn’t just limited to SEO and Google tracking – we continue to add additional marketing and advertising channels for you to keep as much of your digital marketing efforts all under one roof. Facebook Advertising, Bing, AdRoll re-targeting, LinkedIn, and even call tracking reporting from Call Rail – for those of you who have a robust ad spend across numerous marketing channels, we have you covered!

Custom Reporting


With your live dashboard reporting, you’ll be able to access your data 24/7 – but that might prove to be data overload for those not as savvy as you! Set-up and customize recurring reports for those in your company that need specialized reporting – add the necessary modules to your report and send out weekly or monthly reports to those who need it! Reporting never has been so efficient and simple with all the various data points found in your Elite Marketing dashboard.

  • Evolvor is outstanding! They cater to your needs and give you the most bang for your buck. Eric Hebert knows what he's doing.He's been doing this for a little over a decade, and it shows. He gets the kind of SEO results my clients need.
    Jo Anna Van Thuyne
  • The team at Evolvor are really awesome to work with. Every time we work together on projects we are able to crank out really positive results in a timely manner. I have seen a lot of growth from month to month because of Eric Hebert and the entire Evolvor team.
    Benton Tucker
  • It's been my pleasure working with Eric and Evolvor team! I have been consistently impressed with his support during our projects and I would I highly RECOMMEND his agency for any digital marketing solutions you need.
    Nakul Chandra

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