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Why Choose
Evolvor Elite™ Local?

Simple Location Marketing Tools for Small Businesses

We make location marketing easy and effective.

Our tools focus on the two pillars of small-business marketing : location data management and review management.

Coupling these pillars with our powerful widgets and our instant synchronization technology makes us the choice for small business owners.

Location Management

Manage Your Listings

A single platform to manage all your business listings, easily.

Easy Set Up

Get a complete overview of your listings in less than 2 minutes.

Once you enter your business information,

our dashboard populates your listings in less than two minutes.

You’ll be able to see all your detailed listings across our network of directories.

Customize Your Business Profile

Show your business to your audience exactly how you want to.

Enhance your business listings with social media handles,

photos and more.

Edit your business information from your dashboard and push your updates instantly.

Multiple Business Locations

All your business locations in one single place.

Our dashboard lets you see listings,

reviews and rankings for every location under your business in one single view.

Select and archive locations when you don’t want to manage them anymore.

Bulk Data Management

Exporting and importing location information is now easier than ever.

Save time by importing and exporting your bulk location data.

Simply upload a CSV with all your bulk data and our customer success team will ensure that your data is in place with our powerful API.

Data Synchronization

Seamless Synchronization

Your business information across the web in sync, always.

Synchronization Status

Real-time synchronization status of all your listings.

Easily understand which of your listings are synced,

in progress or haven’t been synced yet.

Enhanced Data Support

Synchronize your enhanced data updates at one go.

Our platform ensures that your enhanced data such as office hours,

photos, videos and more, are all in sync with the directories that support them.

Duplicate Suppression

Don’t let duplicate data bother your business anymore.

Our platform hunts down all duplicate listings for your business.

Pick and edit the one that’s the most accurate and we’ll update the other harmful entries with the right one.

Auto Claim Wizard

Claim all your business listings from one single dashboard.

Don’t waste time claiming your listings by yourself. Let us do that for you.

Our auto-claim wizard claims listings for you and keeps you updated with the verification process – all from a single dashboard.

External Directories

Sync your business data with external directories of your choice.

There are some directories that are specific for your business.

Use our flexible plans to sync your business information on the directories of your choice.

Review Management

Comprehensive Reputation Management

Monitor & respond to your reviews and social interactions from one single dashboard.

Review Monitoring

Closely monitor all your reviews and social interactions.

Don’t waste time searching and hunting for your reviews online.

We track all your reviews from sites that matter and feed it right into your dashboard for you.

Social Interactions

Be part of the social dialogue around your business.

Customers talk about your business on social networks.

Get notified and join in on the conversation when someone mentions your business on any of the popular social networks.

Notifications On The Go

Increase customer delight with instant responses.

Quickly respond to your customers as we provide real-time notifications for

reviews and social interactions.

Direct Response

Respond to all your reviews from one single place.

We don’t just show you all your reviews in one place.

Use our platform to respond to these reviews directly from your single unified dashboard.

Internal Notes

Build meaningful and helpful interactions with your customers.

Take down internal notes for reviews that matter.

Use these notes to quickly get up to speed with the conversation and respond back directly through the platform.

Powerful Widgets

Power Your Website

Create and customize your own widgets for your website.

Review Widget

Convince your customers with the best reviews on your website.

You’ve worked hard to garner great reviews for your business.

Select and display the best reviews for your business on your website by creating custom review widgets.

Embedding Made Easy

Installing our widgets are as easy as copy & paste, literally.

Create your custom widgets from our dashboard and copy the embed code that we provide.

Paste this embed code onto your site and you’re done. Simple.

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