E-commerce Link Building: 3 Super Scalable Ways to Build Links to Your E-commerce Store

Every site lives and dies by its backlinks. And getting backlinks to e-commerce site is a challenge. For the past years,Google had changed the way it ranks site by its backlinks by making quality outreach and content both crucial to the amount of backlinks that lead to the site. But link building can be highly beneficial.

There are a lot of ways to build links  to your e-commerce store and here are five of the most effective strategies.


Definitive Guides

Creating an ultimate or definitive guide can be very powerful, as it sets you up as an authority. But these guides take time. You’ll find yourself cranking out anywhere from five to twenty thousand words completing your guide.

long the way you will become an expert on what you’re writing about, so that’s a big plus if you’re to become a guru. Good examples of definitive guides are guides created by Backlinko, Gotchseo. As you run your e-commerce thing about the subject you can create a guide on.

When choosing your subject, try and strike a balance between too broad and too specific. Don’t worry about the voice of your guide, remember that you’re pulling together expert opinions more than you are coming up with your own. For example, if you are selling computers, create definitive guides for beginners, advanced users, or tips on internet security. It’s up to you and your knowledge.

Use content from your influencers and you will be rewarded with promotion and backlinks. For best results, give your influencers a heads up before your guide goes live so you can maximize the benefits of their promoting and linking. Make sure your guide is well written and polished by using guides like State of Writing and Via Writing when creating your content. Also, don’t forget to update it from time to time, at least once for a year, with new information and tips.


Everybody loves a good list. For one thing, they are very easy content to make. Don’t worry about crafting the perfect headline, just make a promise and deliver. The best part is Google has already done your research for you, so it shouldn’t take long to compile your list. Your layout is important. What will your summary be like? Will you include comment from the item’s creators?

The most important part is reaching out to the creators of the content you’re featuring. Send out a quick email, letting creators know that you’d like to feature their product and asking if you can send them a preview of feedback. If it fits your list style, see if you can get a quote. The important thing is to let the creators know you’re out there and you can help them with buzz.

Compare and Contrast

People love when you help them out by comparing similar products. There is so much advertising noise out there that it’s often difficult to cut through the hype and promotion and actually determine a superior product. Be their guide and they’ll love you for it.

The true genius of this approach is that you will get a lot of feedback and a lot of backlinks. Be creative with your medium, compare and contrast content can work well with written, graphic, or even an animated piece. Use Copyscape and Academized to check your content for plagiarism. It’s key to remember that whatever approach you take, the way you’re guiding your audience sets you up as a guru. You are their source and that’s a great way to get some backlinks.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging can be extremely powerful. Find websites where you can post content, and provide them with quality and useful information in your guest post. Also, you can hire a guest blogger or try and establish a mutually beneficial relationship with him. If the two of you work well together there are lots of opportunities for collaboration.

Getting a guest blogger will be much easier if you have something they want, this is where developing quality content like a definitive guide will help you. If they like your stuff they will gladly host your guest post. When you’re pitching to your influencer, think about their audience and what has worked for them in the past. Use the style of this content as the guide for what you will create. If you don’t have enough time working on your e-commerce store, you can use a help of resources such as Big Assignments and Ukwritings to create guest post content, or simply proofread and edit it to make it high-quality.

Ask the Experts

Choose a problem that you can have your experts weigh in on. Remember to pick a topic without a yes or no answer because you want an engaging discussion, not a quick answer. Choose something open-ended, but not overly complex. If you’re just starting out, remember that it’s a numbers game, so consider automating your outreach process.

Once you’ve got some experts and a good topic for them to comment on you are set. If you do it right, you’ll get a lot of backlinks from the audiences of your experts. As a bonus, you’ll build some relationships and get some new social media subscribers from cross-promotion.

Community Creation

Community creation is especially useful if you’re a startup with a great product but not much of an audience to sell it to. Set up social media groups for regional communities where you can engage people with targeted and personalized content that links to your page. Your ambassadors will share your links and drive further traffic. PaperFellows had a lot of success using this approach.


Don’t be fooled into believing that having great content guarantees you a lot of backlinks. There’s a lot of strategy and legwork involved, but it will pay off in the end. Guest blogging, lists, compare and contrast pieces, expert panels, community creation, and definitive guides are effective ways to get backlinks to your e-commerce site.

Brenda Berg is a professional with over 15 years of experience in business management, marketing and entrepreneurship. Consultant and tutor for college students and entrepreneurs at Elite assignment help. Brenda is a part-time educator and Editor in Chief at Resumention. She believes that constant learning is the only way to success. You can visit her personal blog at Australian reviewer.