Content Marketing 101: The Top Ten Benefits of Content Marketing

Content Marketing 101: The Top Ten Benefits of Content Marketing

Regardless of the size of your business, content marketing has proven itself to be beneficial for businesses and marketers. The reasons? For starters, the wonderful world wide web has made it extremely easy and convenient to create and share content. Besides the endless amount of tools and resources that businesses have at their fingertips, content marketing can assist businesses in achieving their goals -both short and long-term. For example, if you want to increase the amount of Twitter followers you have, you would share relevant content on Twitter, along with reaching out to the influencers in your industry.


If you’re still on the fence about launching a content marketing campaign, here the top ten reasons how it can become a major assist for your organization.

1. Drives Traffic to Your Site

No big surprise here. When you create content that is relevant to your audience, such as providing a solution to a problem, they’ll keep coming back for more. In fact, 68% of customers favor content that caters specifically to their needs or interests.

Of course, you can’t create content just for content’s sake. There has to be a method to the madness. Neil Patel suggests on HubSpot that you can create content strategy that drives traffic organically by creating buyer personas; generating a keyword list based on the search terms commonly used by your buyer personas; discovering which type of content your customers prefer; developing a personality that is appealing to your audience; and determining how frequently you’ll share content.

This process won’t take place overnight, so be patient and keep plugging away.

2. Increase Your Visibility Search Engines

Whenever you publish a blog post you’re adding another page for Google, or Bing, to index. While this doesn’t mean that you should be publishing garbage, creating quality content is going to increase your chances to rank for search queries since it illustrates that you’re an authority figure in your industry.

Remember, create topics that your audience is search for by optimizing semantic search, which is examining the words and phrases that a person is trying to find.

3. Increases Engagement

When you share a piece of content that your audience enjoys, what do you think that their response is going to be? They’re going to leave a comment, share it on their social channels, link back to your website, and stay on your site longer because they’ll search for additional content.

When you increase engagement with your audience, you can boost leads, brand awareness, and build a community of brand advocates

4. Generates More Leads and Sales

Speaking of generating more leads through content marketing, it’s been found that companies with blogs and websites generate 97% more leads than companies without content-rich sites or blogs.

What happens when you can hook a lead? You’re giving yourself a better opportunity to convert them into a customer. Zappos, for example, experienced a 30% increase in sales after creating video content.

5. Builds Brand Awareness and Authority

Whether if it’s a blog post, video, or podcast, when you deliver quality content to your audience that is helpful, informative, or entertaining, you’re making a positive impression on them – which is someone who can be trusted because they’re an expert or authority figure in their field.

When your audience trusts and respects you, they’ll be more inclined to purchase goods or services from you, as opposed to your competitors.

6. Increase Your Social Followers

Regardless if you want to gain more followers or fans on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, or Instagram, you’ll need content to do so. Syndicate your amazing content on the channels where your audience frequents and they’ll pass it along to their network – which in turn increase your circle. Eventually, these social media followers will start visiting your website.

7. Word-of-Mouth Recommendations Will Increase

Despite all of the advances in technology, nothing beats word-of-mouth recommendations. In fact, a survey conducted by Nielsen discovered that 84% of those surveyed reported that this was the most effective determinant in establishing trust with a brand

Word-of-mouth recommendations are a form of content marketing because if you get your audience talking because you helped them solve a problem, they’ll be more inclined to refer you to others.

8. Content Marketing is Universal

No matter your business, you can launch a content marketing campaign. As Jayson Demers perfectly writes, Literally any business in any industry can use content as a major strategy. Even traditional, “un-sexy” industries like manufacturing can still provide insights on industry developments or just make their industry more approachable and relatable to consumers.“”

9. It’s Affordable

When compared to other types of marketing, content marketing is a cheaper option. In fact, the average cost of lead generation through inbound marketing is only half of what businesses spend through outbound marketing.

With the exception of purchasing a domain, paying for website hosting, or springing for a social media monitoring/management tool, content marketing just costs you time. That’s a pretty solid investment, if you ask us.

10. You’ll Always Be There At the Right Place and Right Time

Finally, when you produce regular content for your audience you’ll essentially always be there for them. For example, if you have landscaping business, you could provide seasonal tips and advice, such as how to cut your grass in the summer, shovel snow, or when to plant sod or grass.

On our next installment of Content Marketing 101 we’ll go over the do’s and dont’s of content marketing here on and our YouTube channel.

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