Coffee and Pinterest: Is This the Answer to Your Marketing Campaign?

Coffee is an integral part of most cultures as the average adult consumes at least one cup of coffee a day. As such, there is an abundance of coffee shops ranging from small local coffee shops to big commercial shops. Because there are so many options, it may be difficult to find marketing strategies to make your coffee shop stand out from the competition.

If you are looking for a novel marketing strategy, Pinterest is a great way to promote your business. Pinterest is a website that is different from other social media sites because it allows users to post, share, and save ideas known as “pins” to those familiar with the site.

Users and businesses can also create business pages that act as a virtual storefront highlighting the company’s services and top products. If you are looking for a new way to market your coffee shop, Pinterest can certainly be a great platform to do so.

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is website that was designed as a platform where users can post photos and ideas to other collections, known as pinboards or boards, which contain media content uploaded from other users with similar topics.

These boards are constantly evolving as users who follow the pinboard can upload and share new content about the same topic. Many external websites have red and white “pin it” buttons that allows users who are browsing other websites, such as home or food sites, to link it straight to their user profile.

Pinterest has over 150 million users and is a great way to reach a diverse audience, especially with millennials.  It also has a unique following as the majority of users are female. The most popular categories are home, fashion, health and fitness, and food and drink. You can shop on Pinterest or build a pinboard about designing your dream coffee bar. It has several different functions.

Business pages on Pinterest

Businesses can also create pages to serve as their virtual storefront, showcasing top items that a business wishes to promote. One study that examined the spending of users on Pinterest versus users coming from Facebook found that consumers from Pinterest spent on average $180 compared to $85. This is likely due to the convenience of browsing content by photos rather than having to navigate the company webpage.

Pinterest has some similarities to other social media as it allows users to interact with one another. Uses can like and share posts with friends or followers They can also send pins to other users or tag them in your pin. You can also send private messages to other users or businesses using Pinterest as a message platform.

By contrast to other social media sites, Pinterest does not provide many options to customize your profile. It allows you to upload a profile picture and write a summary detailing your business. You can however list your primary location and your website. So, it is very important you design your page to illustrate what your business is all about.

Another way to market on Pinterest is to pay for Promoted pins or paid advertisements for your business. By purchasing Promoted Pins, you will target specific consumers and choose to pay based on pin engagement or the number of visits to your website. They also provide analytics that allow you to track the success of your ads. Adding a business page on Pinterest can really improve business and is a great marketing strategy for your coffee shop.

Ways to use Pinterest to market your coffee shop

There are several ways you can use Pinterest to successfully market your coffee shop. The most successful coffee shops have a few common marketing strategies. In NYC, successful coffee shops market their shop for what makes them unique and special.

This is a must if you are creating a business page on Pinterest. Great pictures showcasing your best and most popular products and characteristics are critical for promoting your business on Pinterest. If you are known for creating fantastic art in the foam of your espresso drinks, then certainly add several pictures. If you are known for a more intimate space, have several pictures highlighting this unique detail about your coffee shop.

If you choose to pay for their promoted pins, use keywords that are relevant for your coffee shop. If your shop is known for having great organic roasts or your shop roasts your own beans, mention it in the allotted description. This will allow users to find you in their search.

You should also display your pins to your target demographic based on their, gender, location and specific language. If your coffee shop targets college students near a major university, you might want to highlight your free Wi-Fi options, the plentiful tables to study at, or discounts for students.

Get creative with Pinterest

Another way to use Pinterest to market your coffee shop is to take advantage of the do-it-yourself arts and crafts community that uses Pinterest. Home décor and art are some of the most popular categories on Pinterest and there are several uses for coffee beyond its consumption. Coffee can be used to stain furniture or as a fertilizer in a garden. You can add and links and pins with pictures of furniture that you have stained with coffee on your business profile page or profile. You can also make beautiful wood containers to store coffee in.

So, if you are looking for a great way to market your coffee shop, Pinterest is an effective way to successfully market your business. You should create your page to highlight and illustrate your coffee shops strengths. Your boards and pins should focus on what you want your customers to see and also be creative to reach a wider audience. You can also choose to pay for popular pins as a way to reach a wider audience and get the added benefits of Pinterest analytics. Along with the more traditional marketing strategies, Pinterest is sure help make your coffee shop more successful.

Bio: Sarah started  because she was fascinated with the diversity of the drink and the many ways it benefits your body. Learn more about it on her blog.