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  • 20 Website Fails Your Website is Making in 2019?

    If you are having a business then it is quite common that you also would be having a website for yourself, isn’t it so? However, it needs to be seen that maintaining a website takes a lot of stress and work for you. And in certain cases and scenarios websites can fail as well. Yes, […]

  • Ways to Improve your Online Presence in the Automotive Industry

    The automotive industry is notoriously competitive. Because of that, it is more important than ever to gain and keep a competitive edge in an increasingly connected world. One method companies in the auto industry can do that is by maintaining an online presence that targets your audience pointedly. By staying on top of your company’s […]

  • What You Need to Know about Digital Currencies and Digital Banking

    Technology is revolutionizing everything, banking included. We don’t yet have robot maids, but robot vacuum cleaners and voice activated controls are commonplace. Cash hasn’t been eliminated, but it is on the decline as we pay with the click of a button or wave of a card. What do you need to know about digital currencies […]

  • Job Recruitment: The (Bias) Problem With Your AI Matching Tool

    AI matching tools might be hurting you… Are you using an AI matching tool as part of your recruitment process? That’s fine, so long as you think résumés predict performance. The proliferation of such tools is the natural consequence of the evolution of the digital recruiting landscape. Recruiters want to find the right people faster, […]

  • 8 Simple Ways to Use Excel in Your Business in 2019

    Ask anyone who works in a business environment, and they will tell you that besides their email application and PowerPoint, Excel is one of the most widely used applications. Excel helps organize and analyze data. How do you learn to use the program when working with a computer is not your gift? Is there an […]

  • 4 Things You Did Not Know About PayPal [Plus A Rad Infographic]

    PayPal is the most successful and most widely used online payment service in the world. These days, you can use PayPal for a wide number of things. Buying stuff online, sending invoices and getting paid for freelance work, and there are even PayPal casinos that allow you to gamble with your online funds. In 2017, […]

  • Garden State Reefer Madness: What Could Legalized Marijuana Do For NJ?

    When it comes to political action, activism is essential. Science is helpful. But it’s often money that speaks the loudest, for better or for worse. While it’s easy to get cynical when you hear something like that, it some situations, it works to your benefit. Such is one case with the legalization movement for marijuana. […]

  • The Craft of Making Sound Business Decisions

    Businessmen tend to make decisions on a daily basis, and some of them are pivotal to the success and growth of their company. This constant struggle causes and puts a lot of pressure on them. Acting on a hunch or a whim is certainly a risky proposition. Instead, most entrepreneurs try to rely on cold […]

  • The Ultimate Guide to Understanding the Basics of Blockchain

    You’ve probably heard terms like “Bitcoin”, “blockchain”, and “cryptocurrency” in the news lately—but maybe you don’t know what any of them mean. That’s okay; you aren’t alone. In fact, while many people recognize these terms as being important in the worlds of finance and technology, few are confident that they really understand them. To help […]