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  • 13 Facebook Advertising Hacks for Marketers to Drive More Sales

    Facebook is one of the largest and most effective platforms in the digital marketing world today. The social media channel makes it easy to target a particular customer and drive them back to your site. One of its features, Facebook adverts, are an excellent way to put your products and services in front of a […]

  • Localized Content Marketing — The Guide to Attract and Engage Customers

    Marketing strategies for big brands and small or medium business need to have some differences if they want to show results. While world-famous brands target people from the whole globe, SMBs mostly target their local community. This is where localized content marketing comes in. Localization marketing is targeting everything from software development to ads but […]

  • A Comprehensive Guide to Creating a High Performing Landing Page In 2019

    A landing page is your food and drink. It’s what underpins all your marketing efforts. It’s what turbocharges your conversions and boosts your profits. Which is why it’s so important that you get it right. The good news is that it isn’t rocket science. Anyone can create a high performing landing page as long as they […]

  • Web Databases: Everything You Need To Know In 2019

    Learning as many computer skills as possible is something that everyone should strive for. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics found that in 2012, more than half of all jobs required some type of technical skill. This same study projects that by the year 2020, that number will reach 77%. As you can see, learning […]

  • E-Learning as a Best Tool for Successful Entrepreneurs

    You can’t just start a business and hope money will start pouring in. Instead, you need to keep learning and improving your operations. Only that way will you ensure your customers keep coming back and recommend your product or service to their friends and family. But the way we learn has changed a lot in […]

  • 7 Digital Marketing Statistics That Will Change the Way You Market Online

    As the world continues to go online, digital marketers need to be savvier than ever. In the past, it might have been enough to simply post a Google or Facebook ad and wait for the leads to come. But today, things are much more complex. Markets are more segmented than ever, and to be successful […]

  • 5 Blogging Strategies for Building an Audience

    A blog can be an effective way to drive organic traffic to your website, especially in a digital world where content is king. However, for this strategy to work, you need to ensure that people see your content in the first place. Your effectiveness in building an audience can be the determining factor in whether […]

  • 10 Web Design Mistakes That Can Kill Your Conversions Rates

    When setting up a business website, it’s crucial to converting your visitors into customers. So once you’ve identified your primary goal for the site, your main focus should be how to maximize your conversion rates. For you to achieve the best conversion rates, it’s crucial to avoid the most common mistakes that can hinder your […]

  • 12 Effective Tips to Boost Your E-Commerce Store Sales

    Every e-commerce store wants to boost traffic and conversions. It’s not easy to decide on which marketing tactics you should try even if you have a basic strategy planned. We’ve put together an overview of clever marketing tactics with ideas to help you boost your e-commerce store sales. Try to implement these ideas every day […]