Author: Evolvor

  • Mobile Development Tools for the Cheapskate Entrepreneur

    The explosive growth of mobile computing and apps that reside in that space has given birth to a massive industry focused on app development. Every major web platform and service has its own app. For apps that require supporting infrastructure, like email, reservations, or banking, indie app developers are relatively few and far between. In […]

  • E-commerce Link Building: 3 Super Scalable Ways to Build Links to Your E-commerce Store

    Every site lives and dies by its backlinks. And getting backlinks to e-commerce site is a challenge. For the past years,Google had changed the way it ranks site by its backlinks by making quality outreach and content both crucial to the amount of backlinks that lead to the site. But link building can be highly […]

  • Why Did You Fail? Revisiting The Fundamentals in Your Digital Media Strategy

    Running a business means having to deal with not just making sure your operations are optimized to meet your sales targets, but ensuring your marketing is equipped to handle modern trends and practices in the industry to increase your brand’s appeal. In theory, this shouldn’t be a difficult thing to manage to do. However, in […]

  • 6 Stupid Mistakes Marketers Make in Email Newsletter Campaigns

    It’s a known fact that email marketing drives more traffic than social media – 1350% more, in fact – yet somehow everyone’s focus is on social media. While this is a bit sad, for busy marketers who know what they are doing there is no time for complaining. They create engaging email newsletters and drive […]

  • Why Understanding Buyer Persona Is Crucial For Successful SEO Campaigns

    It is no secret that when talking SEO, content is king. However, writing and getting your content out there is not the only things that writers should be worry about. The way content works in a website’s effort to become more optimised for search engines is no secret: it attracts new readers, establish a brands […]

  • Why Nobody is Reading Your Pathetic New Blog

    You’ve just launched your company and are super excited to start sharing your knowledge about everything that’s important and how you can improve people’s lives. You do your research, write an awesome post and put it out there for the whole world to see. Sadly, it’s only your friends and family who read your post […]

  • Why Marketing Professionals Should Be Keeping Their Head in the Cloud(s)

    Cloud technology is no longer in its infancy: it has now reached maturity and has systematically eradicated previous technologies from the market. More and more industries recognise its benefits, including the advertising and marketing sector. In this article, you will get to see how marketers are doing business in a tech oriented world. The Cloud […]

  • 4 Stupidly Easy and Obvious Tips to Help You Boost Engagement on Twitter

    Once upon a time, the novelty of social media platforms like Twitter meant that you could get away with posting pretty much anything, and get guaranteed replies. This stands in stark contrast to how Twitter works nowadays – if your tweets are not sufficiently engaging, your Twitter marketing campaign will simply fizzle out. So what […]

  • 15 Bitchin’ Email Hacks For Increasing Email Marketing Success

    Many brands find using email marketing a little tricky to master. Whether that is trying to work out which audience is best to target, what content they should include, how often to send emails, or what they should use as the subject line. There is no questioning that there is a lot to think about, […]