8 Lead Capture Quiz & Survey Strategies That Work in 2019

8 Lead Capture Quiz & Survey Strategies That Work in 2019


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Capturing leads that you can convert is undoubtedly at the top of your priority list when looking to grow your business.

There are a lot of strategies for capturing leads that you can rely on, but have you ever thought about quizzes and surveys?

Lead generation quizzes and surveys can do wonders for your business, but you need to know how to incentivize people to take them, and actually complete them.

Here are some ideas you can use to take advantage of quizzes and surveys and effectively convert your leads.

Incentivize Leads with a Tempting Offer

You can’t convert your leads if you don’t give them an incentive for taking your quiz or answering your survey. You need to present them with a compelling offer so that you effectively lure them in to take part.

This could be a discount, a free voucher, a chance to enter a competition or giveaway, or anything else that you think would get them to take the time for your quiz or survey.

You can present your offer before people start your quiz or survey, but you can also leave it for later, just before you hit your leads with the results.

However, your quiz or survey needs to be very compelling right from the start if you do this so that you can make people actually want to participate.

 Infuse a Bit of Fun

 Quizzes are usually seen as fun, which is precisely why people like taking them. Infusing a little fun into your quizzes is a surefire way of capturing your leads and converting them.

For instance, you can create a personality quiz using a personality quiz maker, but it’s vital that you tie it in nicely with the products or services you offer.

Let’s say you’re selling project management software. Adding personality jokes specific for IT professionals will help you engage them in your quiz, and effectively convert them.

Whatever you’re offering, just think of adding anything specific to your target audience, and you’ll definitely hit the bullseye.

 Personalize Your Quizzes and Surveys

Personalization is one of the most crucial strategies in lead generation and conversion. As a matter of fact, 96% of marketers believe in the value of personalization, simply because people find it very appealing.

Before you can personalize your lead generation quizzes and surveys, you need to really know your target audience.

Once you have a clear insight into their needs, interests, and preferences, you can easily create personalized quizzes and surveys that they will find interesting and appealing.

Don’t forget to use proper tools when targeting specific audiences with your personalized quizzes and surveys.

Find personalization software that will help you segment your audience, and then target people with the right lead capture quiz or survey.

 Keep Your Quizzes and Surveys Short

 Rarely anyone wants to invest a lot of time into taking a quiz or answering a survey.

Most of the time, people engage in quizzes and surveys in the waiting room, on their way to work, during a lunch break, or any other time when they can spare a couple of minutes.

Making your quizzes or surveys lengthy isn’t likely to get people to complete them. If they’re time-consuming, your leads may simply click back, never to return again.

Don’t let your leads slip through your fingers. Respect their time by keeping your questions short and concise, and make sure you don’t ask for long answers.

Leverage Industry Reports

Making surveys compelling and exciting often seems like an impossible mission.

However, you can incentivize your target audience (especially if they’re B2B leads) to take your surveys by asking them to participate in your industry report.

Talk to them honestly, and explain that their opinions and insights bring value both to you and to other professionals in the industry.

If they’re part of your industry report, they’ll be of help to the entire industry.

This will get them to take part, and not only help you convert them, but also help you capture more leads once you publish your industry report, especially if you let people download it.

 Harness the Power of Social Media

 With social media, you can significantly extend your reach and spread the word about your business all over the globe. This is why you should regularly promote your quizzes and surveys on social media.

Not only will you reach a much wider audience, but you’ll also have a chance to further personalize your quizzes and surveys and better target specific audiences.

For instance, Facebook and Instagram have amazing targeting options that let you narrow down your audience and target the right people at the right time.

Therefore, whichever platform you use, promote and share your quizzes and surveys regularly on it.

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