8 Amazing Ways to Increase Sales Using Digital Marketing

Looking to focus more on digital marketing to drive more conversions and sales for your business? Right from email marketing to dedicated influencer marketing, there’s so much you can do to improve your brand’s and products’ exposure online. Digital marketing will require your continuous push; the great part is that once you start seeing results, it will snowball into a wave of ever growing traffic, conversions, social shares, and sales.

Email Marketing

No, email marketing is not obsolete. In fact, email marketing can drive massive traffic to your web store, and drive sales. Use cloud powered email marketing tools such as MailChimp to organize your subscriber base, create planned email marketing campaigns, schedule emails in advance, create stunning looking email designs, and measure the performance of the campaigns. Focus on breaking the pattern, whether it’s the subject line, the body, the offer you make, or anything associated with the email marketing campaign.

Hover ads

Remember pop ups? Whereas they had the potential to drive actions online, people started using pop up blockers, which put a grand dent in their effectiveness. The next best thing, as good as pop ups, without getting blocked, is hover ads. These small advertisements appear on web page content, inviting clicks, taking browsers directly to your product pages, or landing pages. Hover ads can help you quickly grow past competitors, leverage then for more exposure and targeted leads.

Create a YouTube Video of Your Product In Action

Do you know what the single biggest roadblock in a customer’s online shopping journey is? It’s the lack of tangibility and a sense of ambiguity about the product. Customers hate to read through long and complicated product descriptions and user guides. Instead, you can create short videos of your product in action, upload them to YouTube (on your own web store channel), and add links to the same within your product pages, emails, social media posts, etc. Check out free video creation tools, and get started.

Abandoned Cart Emails

Did you know – close to two-thirds of lost sales are because of cart abandonment. It’s a scenario where a customer adds a product in his/her online shopping cart, but doesn’t go on to complete the payment. Reasons such as slow loading website pages, hidden cost components (such as shipping charges, service fees, etc.), lack of trust in the web store’s service, parallel search on other web stores, etc can push cart abandonment up, and hurt your web store. Thankfully, you can use cart abandonment monitoring and follow up tools to automatically end reminder emails to relevant users. You can set up sophisticated rule based email campaigns to motivate shoppers to complete abandoned sales. Try out tricks such as communicating information about recent sales of the same product, customer reviews, giving a small discount, etc.

Social Media Promotions

You’ve got to be smart about how you leverage social media marketing to drive product sales. One idea is to offer discount coupons to your existing shoppers to share their purchase information on their social media profiles. Then, you could run an exciting contest where shoppers can pose with their purchases from your store, write a caption, and upload on your business social pages. Entries with most likes, shares, votes,, re-tweets, of course, wins! Use business applications such as HootSuite to organize your social media campaigns professionally, without investing much.

Replenishment Emails

If your product catalog comprises of items that consumers can purchase repeatedly, you can leverage replenishment emails to drive more sales from existing consumers. Using a replenishment email tool, you can send out an email to a consumer whose existing stock of a fast-moving product is likely to be near exhaustion. Advanced tools even allow you to add offers, and automate replenishment email campaigns.

Reviews, Ratings and Customer Support

Invest effort towards getting ratings and reviews for your products, and showcase them prominently on your product pages. While starting up, it makes sense to incentivize reviews and ratings for shoppers. Positive reviews and ratings inspire confidence, and lend a sense of social proof to the idea of shopping from your store, for new customers. Having a decent Customer care service adds a great value to any businesses. Your customer support team must be talented, tech savvy and polite. They’re key to your success and brand.

Influencer Outreach

This digital marketing method is an extension of social media marketing. Here, you focus on influencers thought leaders, and news makers relevant to your niche. You will find several free tools to help you identify the top influencers for your market. Compile a list of their social media profiles, and plan on reaching out to them, hoping that they’d share your message on their social media profiles, and hence bring exposure worth tens of thousands of eyeballs for your brand. Of course, you can’t be salesy; you’ve got to create some great content to pique their interest, and subtly push it out, hoping they’d share it further.