7 Things That Make Digital Marketers Curse at Their Computers Every Day

If you work in digital media, you know that technology can be a bit of a pain in the ass. Computers freeze and crash, websites take forever to load, Skype is a big piece of shit – you know the drill.

But what are the things that literally grind your gears and make you CURSE at your computer (don’t feel bad, it doesn’t have feelings…yet) in front of your colleagues at work (or if you’re me alone in the dark world of working from home)? Let’s take a look at some common things that drive marketers like myself absolutely crazy (and at the bar just in time for happy hour!)

Lost/Resetting Passwords

This is the obvious first and most annoying thing that happens to anyone who’s been working in the cloud for more than a few years – forgetting passwords. Obviously we try to keep our most important passwords saved somehow, but as the years go by and you’ve signed up to hundred of services, you’re going to CONSTANTLY run into situations where your password doesn’t work.

And then run into situations where the password reset email never arrives. Or the situations where you used an alternative email address. Or the…oh fuck it already.


If you’re a heavy computer user who’s learned how to turn off what programs start up every time your computer re-starts, then kudos to you my friend – you’ve officially broke on through to the other side of the mind-fuckery that entails waiting all day for every piece of software on your computer to ask you if you’d like to install updates to the newest version.

I WANT TO GET TO WORK GODDAMMIT not sit around updating shit every time I have to re-boot. Seriously if you go through this on a daily basis just turn off some of the unnecessary things that automatically run at startup and you’ll add a few years to your life.

Can’t Cancel Accounts

Oh boy oh boy is this an annoying business practice that too many SAAS companies partake in, and one that I just this weekend had to go through with not one but TWO companies (looking at you UpWork and Hostgator). If I have to jump on technical support for 20 minutes in order to close down an account I no longer want to pay for, or have to Google where to find a goddamn cancellation link, then please reconsider your life.

Companies do this for one reason and one reason only – because they’re product sucks and they want to drain one more month’s of revenue out of you by making it hard to cancel your account in a timely fashion. Shame on you!

Crashing Documents & Programs

This isn’t something that happens as often as say, the old Windows XP days (PC Guy over here), but when it does, doesn’t always seem to happen when you’re working on an important report that’s due the next day? I swear any time I’m dicking around in Photoshop creating memes that no one will ever see because they’re not that funny/I’m only sharing them with that one girl on Facebook, it’ll work just fine with no problem saving files at all.

Yet when I just got done a $10,000 proposal that needs to go out before midnight, low and behold my computer freezes and Windows can’t recover the whole document! Save save save!!!

Failure to Upload / Download

It’s crunch time and you have to get a website built in 24 hours. You rummage through Themeforest and find the perfect premium theme and drop the $60, and you’re excited to get it loaded up on your new WordPress install. Problem is, your download keeps timing out because your Internet connection is WEAK. Or, you get it installed but because your webhost went from awesome to SUCK over night and WordPress can’t handle the demo content import. Before you know it, you’ve turned into Darth Vader at the end of Revenge of the Sith. NOOOOOOOoooooooo.

Cross-Browser Compatibility

This is definitely the bane of a web developer’s existence – making sure a website works properly on every fucking browser out there. Chrome. Firefox. Opera. Safari. Edge. And let’s not get started on Internet Explorer (specifically, IE 7). And then there’s mobile.

I’m really surprised there isn’t an insane asylum for web developers, because sometimes trying to get something to work righ across different platforms is enough to drive anyone absolutely mad. I feel your pain.

Internet Going Down

No one likes it when the Internet goes down – NO ONE. But it hurts more when someone makes a living off the web – literally their income can be affected if they can’t work. It’s akin to your car breaking down and missing a day of work.

Especially if you don’t live next door to a coffee shop with Free Wi-Fi (*snifff* I miss those days). The Internet not working is the worst. Even worse if you’re trying to work AND watch porn at the same time. The worst.