7 Marketing Tools and Channels That Will Continue to Thrive & Survive in 2019

For 15+ years not I’ve been preaching the good book about all sorts of digital marketing tools and concepts to you, the small business owner. And yet here we are, winding down 2018 and you’re still not listening to me. WHy are you not out there trying to own Google for your local business niche? Why are you still sitting on a database of email contacts that you’re still not communicating with. Why are you obsessing about the newest social media marketing fad that nobody actually understands how to use yet? Stick with me, and these 7 tried-and-true marketing tools and channels that are going to continue to thrive in 2019. If you don’t, you’re just going to end up being as extinct as the dinosaurs!

marketing dinosaurs


  1. MailChimp– It allows a marketer or company to interact with their existing customer base and sending out emails to the whole or a selection of the base in whatever time spans they want to send them. Your customer base needs to know that you are still active and regular emails with useful content will help a company keep ahold of their customers. Websites like TFTH use it to send out new deals and discounts to the customers.


  1. Facebook– It is the biggest social platform in the world and has more users enrolled than any other social media platform. It allows marketers to narrow their search of users on the criteria of age, nationality, region, etc. It is a brilliant marketing tool for any advertiser and is really good to find your target market. BestOnlineAssignmentHelp uses Facebook to connect with its existing customer base and extend its marketing strategy based on the data it has.


  1. Word-of-Mouth Marketing– Word-of-mouth is the best way to market a product or service. It is of no cost and is the most effective for it is a genuine form of marketing. Just like in college where you asked someone for really good place to eat and got sent somewhere which gave you a great experience.  OAW use this form of advertising where they do not spend on advertising but talk to students to refer someone after they have experienced their services.


  1. Video advertising– Websites like Youtube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion upload tons of videos each day. The data uploaded is heavily consumed by users all over the world. Companies, celebrities, NGOs, News broadcasters, and anyone trying to gain influence upload videos on these websites. There are millions of visits each day and millions of hours’ watch every day. They allow advertisers to post ads on the page and short clips targeting the users. It is one of the ways to target consumers with video content. Essaywriter4u uploaded a short video showing how their website works and provides it service, it resulted in exponential growth for the company and helped it widen its customer base.


  1. Image marketing– As more and more users are getting on the internet each day, they go through hoards of useless information to find something they like. There is too much data available on the internet and the user has to search for something they want when they want it. This has resulted in a short span of attention for the internet users, your content will have to be really good to stand out from the others. Images are a great tool to market, they can pass on a lot of information in a single picture and the users find it much more interesting than written words. Topassignmentexperts sent a single set of images through email and its Instagram and Snapchat handles to help pass on the information of its improved services. This got them a much bigger response than they got when they wrote it previously.


  1. Search Engine Marketing– This is a paid service where you pay the owners of a search engine to show results of your product or service when someone types in a similar keyword. You can use demographics to target a customer base. This is one way to gain new customers digitally.


  1. Search Engine Optimization– This is an unpaid and organic form of marketing which you can use to gain higher ranking in web searches. A marketer uploads organic content regarding the keywords a potential customer would search for. We (shameless plug) are one fine example who could help you with it.