5 Ways Designers Should Develop Empathy

Empathy. It’s a virtue. It’s a valuable quality in any human being. It’s a distinct advantage in connecting to people. It’s also kind of the latest design buzzword. But it’s not just a trend.

You see, designers are figuring out that being able to empathize with and understand other people leads to creating better interfaces for them. If you know their needs, you can meet them. If you meet their needs, they’ll stick around longer. They might even empathize with your need for their money.

See, there’s a small potential conflict, there. Empathy isn’t something you can pull out of a toolbox when you need results. If there’s anything I ever learned from my old missionary days, it’s that most people can tell when you don’t truly care. Empathy must be a way of life. Yes, empathy can help you make better designs, but it will—it must—also enrich your life. Pun intended.

Empathy can help you make better designs, but it will…also enrich your life

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5 Ways Designers Should Develop Empathy