5 Leadership Traits You Can Learn From My Grandma

Don’t let the white hair, walker, and an abundance of Werther’s Originals fool you. Despite having her “moments” and blasting loud reruns of Jerry Springer (so much so she can’t hear you knocking on the door), my grandma had tons of experience which gave her, unbeknownst to her (and me) at the time, a wealth of leadership traits that we all can adopt. Being a millennial, my grandma grew up in an era before cellphones, internet, and all these other technological advances that makes our lives much easier.

It may make our lives easier, but less appreciative of building deep relationships, less experience with face-to-face interaction and more hiding ‘behind the screen’, and more commitment to the ‘bottom line’ over people’s’ well-being. Important traits have been lost.

In this video, I share 5 leadership traits you can learn from my grandma. Hopefully, you can start to incorporate some of grandma’s best practices to help improve your leadership game!

Here are the 5 leadership traits you can learn from my grandma:

1) Grandma knows everyone at the diner (She possesses the lost art of relationships)
2) Grandma doesn’t take any sh!t (she has a path, and doesn’t take too kindly to others impeding her progress)
3) Grandma brings her family together (she takes care of her people and ensures togetherness)
4) Grandma spoils her grandchildren (she cultivates love and thoughtfulness with those she doesn’t see very often)
5) Grandma wants her family to be happy (she puts her family in front of herself)

Check out the video below to learn more: