4 Stupidly Simple Things A Lot Of Companies Fail to Do To Drive New Business Online

The world has moved online. There are 3.5 billion internet users. In other words, more than 45 percent of the world’s population has internet access. It comes as no surprise that 70 percent of advertisers plan on increasing their budget of digital marketing. After all, you go where the market is – only that way you can tap into them and make profits.

Is your business struggling to leave a mark online? Here are some digital marketing tactics that will help you boost your online sales.

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1.Create value for your customers

Your digital marketing efforts need to serve a purpose, and that objective is creating value for your customers. A lot of businesses make the mistake of thinking that this can only be achieved through their offering. For instance, take inspiration from this leather skin shop; they are not just delivering
relevant and trendy leather jackets to their customers. Instead, they keep posting helpful content about the best and stylish ways to wear a coat or jacket. This is an example of a creative content marketing stratgey which is a pivotal part of any digital marketing campaign.

Creating value for your customers through your online presence has never been as crucial as it is now. This is because while previously businesses controlled the buying process, now customers have taken the steering wheel. They make the rules. With increasing competition in the market, if you don’t satisfy their standards, you won’t be able to generate sales.

You might wonder, what does “creating value” entail? Well, in terms of digital marketing, it refers to delivering a plethora of content, in the form of blog posts, webinars, infographics, and e-books, etc. The trick isn’t to promote your brand in every piece you publish. In fact, the key to effective digital marketing is to make it subtle. The point of delivering content is to establish your expertise and authority in the market. This, in turn, improves brand image and hence drives sales.

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2. Be consistent with your branding

Your digital persona cannot be separated from your offline brand image. When building your digital marketing strategy, your branding efforts need to be at the front and center of it. Think of it this way. Every time you post something online or whenever you interact with customers on digital
platforms, they must be able to recognize you from your offline communications. Only then will your brand image be deemed as being “strong” and “robust”.

Therefore, make sure your digital marketing campaigns are aligned with your conventional marketing efforts. Have the same professional logo on all your online communications as you do on brochures and TV ads. Have the same tone of voice when addressing your customers.

Yes, 360-degree marketing is effective. But, this only occurs when the brand message and image being sent across platforms is consistent. With effective branding, people will be able to recall, recognize and trust your brand. And this helps in boosting online sales like no other. A part of this is because you can leverage your offline persona to drive online sales.

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3. Tell a story

The best campaigns are not those that try to sell products. Instead, they are those that tell stories. Why? This is because while promotional content may be lost in all the clutter that is present in a customer’s mind, an engaging story is retained for an extended period. All over the world, people wait for John Lewis’s Christmas ads, because each of them tells a heart-wrenching story.

The same tactic can be used in digital marketing as well. Rather than explicitly trying to sell your product or service, take an implicit approach. Conduct inbound marketing whereby you share your brand’s story and showcase who the story aligns with customer needs. Share knowledge with your users and build a lasting relationship.

Make use of your customers’ pre-existing knowledge and persona to create awareness, excitement, and engagement. Make sure that the stories you tell are relevant to both your business model and your market segment. Work on the tone of your content. Ensure engagement through the language
you use when communicating with your customers. The more engaging you are, the higher is the chance that your target market will remember you the next time they need your product category. Being a storyteller will allow you to attain a type of brand salience and resonance that is bound to ensure loyalty. And loyalty doesn’t just bring sales. It brings repeat purchases!

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4.Incorporate SEO

How can you boost online sales unless people visit your website? And you can’t ensure this unless you include SEO in your digital marketing strategy. Several businesses are competing online. Everyone wants to be one the first page of search results. Getting into the top 3 can significantly improve your site traffic, and hence your conversion rates.

SEO helps you get to the top by optimizing your content as per the requirements of Google’s algorithm. Whether it be improving page speed or adding relevant keywords into your content, search engine optimization does it all. Therefore, it is essential to invest in SEO as part of your digital
marketing tactic.

Don’t think that this is a one-off investment. In fact, SEO is continuous as algorithms keep changing. So, make sure to monitor your SERP to retain and improve your rank. Aspects of SEO include:

Website’s code and structure optimization
• Keyword addition to content
• Backlinking
• Optimizing citations and Google My Business Page

Use each of these elements to rank highly on search engines. Once you do so, more of your target audience will access your website. The higher the traffic, the more the chances of online sales.

Conclusion : Use these four digital marketing strategies to make your way to the top. Generating online sales can be a challenge. But, with the right tools and an effective plan, nothing can stop your business from reaching its goals.