3 Industry-Specific Search Engines That Can Save You Time and Money

special search engines

The vast majority of people will use Google to search the web, and with good reason. It’s a very powerful tool for searching over 6 billion indexed pages on the internet, giving you the answer to almost anything. Like any universal tool, however, it does have its weak spots.

These are found mostly when it comes to industry-specific details or very niche data. For this kind of search, Google can give you answers, but they won’t always be as exact as you are looking for, and you can spend a while going through the answers to find what you wanted.

In situations like this, another solution could be to use an industry-specific website that will only search specific areas and can probably give you a more targeted answer. Here are three industries or roles where using a specialist search engine can save you time and money

#1 Social Media Manager

There are a lot of social media platforms, all hungry for content to put in front of their 3.81 billion users. Creating this content is no mean feat, especially if you are doing it for a range of demanding clients. You can automate postings certainly, but seeing the effects is not always easy.

Social media is very fast-moving, and Google simply does not update fast enough for you to see what is going on. Of course, you can use the ‘advanced search’ options within each platform to see how many mentions you are getting, but that takes time you probably don’t have. A dedicated search engine like SocialMention will be able to give you a real-time overview of all the platforms and many blogs to see who is talking about your clients and what they are saying.

#2 Electrical Engineers

Not many industries need specific answers more than electrical engineering. When putting a design together engineers need the precise specs of every part to make sure the project is successful. For that reason, they need to see all of the possibilities in one place where they can compare components to pick the best one for the task.

An industry-specific search engine like Octopart will serve this function from sourcing triacs or dip switches to ic comparison. Having everything on one database saves time searching multiple websites for specs, of finding out the stock levels of a component.

#3 Bloggers and Website designers

They say a picture is worth a 1,000 words, so having a strong image is key to good website design, as well as making sure your blog post catches the attention of the reader.

Any blogger will tell you searching for that image can take just as long as writing the piece in the first place. You can spend ages on Google looking, or if you just search for ones you can reuse commercially and with modifications, the options are slim (and not always accurate due to the image not being tagged incorrectly).

However, performing a search on Pixabay or similar will show you a load of royalty-free options that you can download for free.