The 3-Headed Dragon You Need to Jumpstart Your Traffic in 2018

Having a website is critical to the success of your business. However, you won’t benefit much from your website if nobody is visiting it. It’s not enough to simply create a website; you also have to direct traffic towards it. According to Hubspot, 63% of companies say their top online marketing challenge is to generate traffic and leads.

With so many people struggling to direct traffic to their page, you can give your business a major advantage by learning how to do it more effectively. Be forewarned, though: people who tell you to boost traffic by blackhatting or trying to “game” Google’s latest algorithm are barking up the wrong tree.

The word for 2018 is going to be “content”—plain and simple. Current search engines are too sophisticated to be tricked by keyword stuffing and other attempts to bamboozle them. More often than not, those strategies will actually result in your page being deranked.

92% of marketers recognize content as an important business asset, but a shocking 70% of them are without a consistent or integrated content strategy. Still wondering why so many of them have a hard time generating traffic?

Use These Steps to Boost Your Traffic in the New Year

 The question is: how can you make the kind of content that directs traffic to your page in 2018?

Here are a few easy ways to improve your current blogging practices:

Create minimum monthly targets:

A successful content strategy is a consistent content strategy. If you want to see an increase in the number of people visiting your page, you have to make sure you’re regularly producing new content. How much content should you produce each month? Try a minimum of 16 posts. Companies that publish content that frequently can expect to see more than three times as much traffic as those who publish under four posts a month.

Create a compelling brand story:

You have to be more than just prolific if you want people coming to your website in droves. You’ll also have to be relevant. One of the best ways to make sure you are is by tying your content into a strong brand story. First, identify your company’s top three core values. Then, make sure each of your posts is related to them.

Does your company pride itself on fast service? Create posts about why speed matters in your industry. Are you renowned for the quality of your products? Try a post breaking down the advantages of using equipment made from premium materials. You get the idea.

Combine strong content with well-placed ads:

Relevant and regular content will do a lot for your page, but it isn’t the only thing you’ll need. Most websites also use ads to drive traffic—the problem is, they don’t think very carefully about them. The ads you use to coax people to your page need to be relevant to the interests of your audience. The more specific you can be, the better.

Take Brilliance for example, a custom jewelry company. Instead of running generic jewellery ads, they target customers who are looking specifically for high-quality handmade products. As a result, their ads have higher conversion rates—and when people land on their site, they’re greeted by plenty of meaningful content.

Make 2018 the Year Your Traffic Explodes

 Driving traffic to your website doesn’t have to be as difficult as most entrepreneurs find it. By following the simple advice above, you can give your business a serious edge and dominate your market in 2018. Try these strategies out for yourself, and let us know which ones work best for you! With a little luck, the coming year will be one of the best on record for you and your company.