Check Out These 10 Must-Read New Jersey Business Blogs

Can’t Get Enough NJ Business News? Check Out These 10 Must-Read New Jersey Business Blogs

The New Jersey business community faces many challenges. The Affordable Health Care Act, federal regulations, and municipal ordinances may each have an impact of a business’s bottom-line, and in some instances, their very existence. While a business owner has a tremendous amount of tasks to complete each day, it may be difficult to keep current with issues affecting New Jersey’s business environment.


Business bloggers provide a convenient source of information and opinion regarding economic issues, and if you’re not paying attention to those having the discussion you’re already late to the party. Want to keep up-to-date with NJ’s business community? Here are 10 prominent New Jersey business blogs for you to subscribe to and stay informed!

tombSuitable for Work offers an alternative view of the New Jersey business community. The blog is written by Tom Bergeron, an editor for, and covers a multitude of business related topics. While Bergeron seeks some more off-beat topics, every blog post is appropriate for discussion in the workplace. Some of Bergeron’s recent blogs discussed how four New Jersey companies were ranked among the top 50 companies for Latinas and how each of New Jersey’s counties rate in terms of incoming investment dollars.

michaeldMichael L. Diamond is a business writer for the Asbury Park Press and is also the author of In the Money, a blog dealing with business topics within New Jersey.  Diamond has written about taking a tour of the former Bell Laboratory building and speculation of the future of the technology industries in New Jersey. Other blog entries include posts about the growth of the state’s economy in 2014 and the economic impact of Whole Foods stores in New Jersey communities.

sbdcThe SBDC serves Monmouth and Ocean counties and seeks to provide business consulting services and training, research resources and certificate programs to small businesses in local towns. Their blog covers topics of interest to local entrepreneurs such as upcoming events and the use of social media for your business and emergency preparedness for companies. Some of the contributing bloggers include Pasqualina DeLucia and Christina Georgas. readers can gain a greater understanding of issues facing the small business owners of Trenton, New Jersey by reading Anwar’s Reflections, a blog that focuses on these companies. Author Anwar Salandry provides readers with a unique, personal look at the entrepreneurs of the city and discusses various aspects of the business world.

Salandry is a freelance journalist who has interviewed a number of New Jersey figures. He graduated with a BA from Rider University and later earned a master’s degree from Thomas Edison State College.

bizblogBizBlog focuses on the business environment of Northern New Jersey. Recent blog entries have discussed such topics as the impact of Whole Foods markets on local real estate values, new partner agreements between United Continental Holdings, Inc. and how major credit card companies and mortgage lenders are gearing their advertising towards women.

There are a number of business experts who contribute to BizBlog. The team includes Kathleen Lynn, who specializes in real estate and business, business reporter Richard Newman and Joan Verdon, who concentrates her writing on North Jersey’s retail industry.

moneyWill the minimum wage be increased for New Jersey workers in 2016? Michael Diamond addresses the minimum wage issue in a blog post on The business section of this website highlights news and events and how they impact the local business community.

Other posts have discussed the reaction of local residents to the opening of a Quick Chek convenience store and New Jersey’s economic outlook for the next ten years.  Mike Deak and Bob Makin are also contributors to

2015-09-23 15_17_10-PhotosThe Berger Law firm offers a comprehensive blog that deals with an array of business-related issues in New York and New Jersey. The firm serves business clients in both states and their blog covers such topics as business organization status, entity formation and the latest economic news. New posts are continuously posted to provide readers with the most accurate and current information.

bmaThe Business Marketing Association of New Jersey has a blog that covers many aspects that are a vital component of operating a successful business. Readers can learn about user experience design, the important role copy plays in the process of content marketing, and the similarities between marketing automation and a gym membership. The blog also has information about the Business Marketing Association’s monthly events that are either networking opportunities or educational seminars.

aalianceThe New Jersey Main Street Alliance believes in enhancing small businesses throughout the state as they feel the success of these local companies is vital to the communities in which they operate. The group seeks to represent the state’s small business owners both in Trenton and Washington DC.

Their blog addresses many issues of interest to New Jersey entrepreneurs such as paid sick time for workers and the impact of such a practice on small business, the state’s response to businesses damaged by Hurricane Sandy and tax issues for businesses.

These 9 blogs should keep you in the loop about all the news and gossip surrounding New Jersey’s business community. I can hear you now – “But Eric, you promised us 10!”. Well as a shameless form of self promotion, the blog you’re reading now is a great resource to learn about’s upcoming digital media events that we’re launching this fall! Stay tuned for updates on events in NJ as well as other awesome content as we strive to help business owners of this great state learn how to grow their businesses through channels like search, social, email, and retargting.

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