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10 of The Best Business Organizations in NJ You Should Consider Joining

Entrepreneurs in New Jersey have access to a number of organizations dedicated to helping business owners. Experienced company owners as well those just beginning a new business venture often benefit from memberships in such organizations as they offer benefits such networking, group buying power and legislative advocacy. If you’re a business owner in NJ, here’s a list of some of the top organizations you should check out.


Commerce and Industry Association of New Jersey

The Commerce and Industry Association of New Jersey was established in 1927 with a goal of advocating for the business community. They have continued this goal to the present day and are currently working to eliminate estate and inheritance taxes in New Jersey, and reduce taxes and fee for the air travel industry. The group is also striving to revise methods of school funding.

The Commerce and Industry Association of New Jersey realizes offering affordable, quality health insurance to employees is goal of many companies and they support a state-run health insurance exchange with practicing medical care providers and patients serving on the governing body of the exchange.


New Jersey Business and Industry Association

The New Jersey Business and Industry Association offers a great deal of benefits to their members. Members have the option of obtaining coverage from New Jersey Manufacturers Insurance Company. The NJM has consistently received excellent rating and pays dividends to policy holders.

Shipping costs can be reduced by taking advantage of group discounts on UPS for small packages and freight shipping with FedEx, Estes and UPS. NJBIA members can save on environmental safe office supplies by purchasing from online vendors. The group offers discounted subscriptions to RFP Watch, a searchable database that allows members to find business opportunities in New Jersey and nearby states.


New Jersey Chamber of Commerce

The New Jersey Chamber of Commerce took an initiative to create Cornerstone New Jersey, an exclusive group within their organization that offers access to political leaders and features an impressive list of members from the most prominent companies in the state.

Members of Cornerstone New Jersey can receive information about legislative actions that may impact the state’s business climate. This information may be obtained before release to the general public. Cornerstone New Jersey is working along with of the New Jersey Chamber of Commerce to advocate for business-conducive legislation.

Such laws and regulations not only will help existing business but will encourage other companies to consider establishing locations within the state.


New Jersey Retail Merchants Association

The retail industry is the second largest in the state of New Jersey. With this thought in mind the New Jersey Retail Merchants Association was established in the 1970’s to advocate for this vital industry. They seek to enact laws and regulations to benefit the retail industry and protect the jobs of the thousands of New Jersey residents employed in this sector.

The group is a non-profit organization that has their home base in Trenton. This location allows for greater access to state lawmakers that will facilitate their work to enhance the business climate for retailers and encourage their growth.


New Jersey Association of Women Business Owners

Businesses owned by women are increasingly growing throughout the United States and the state of New Jersey in no exception. The New Jersey Association of Women Business Owners was established in 1978 to help women establish and grow businesses within the state.

The organization’s Corporate Mentoring Program was established to help established women business owners enhance their skills and generate additional income for their companies. Members must have a minimum of 51% ownership of their company, have $100,000.00 or more of annual revenue and be the only NJAWBO member in the program to represent a particular type of industry. Other criteria are also required for participation in the mentoring program.


New Jersey Technology and Manufacturing Association

The manufacturing industry in the state has been enhanced by the work of the New Jersey Technology and Manufacturing Association. This organization was formed in 1943 by a small group of manufacturing companies who believed they could help each other grow and prosper. This philosophy continues today and the organization has expanded to include technology industries.

The organization offers a selection of discounts that include access to programs that involve asset conversion, manufacturing company selling and website design. Members can save on shipping with UPS, FedEx and YRC Freight. There are plans to offer discounts on supply purchasing and machinery movement.


New Jersey Restaurant and Hospitality Association

Support, Educate, Advocate. This is the motto of the New Jersey Restaurant and Hospitality Association, an organization dedicated to helping one of the largest industries in the state and generates 12 billion dollars in annual sales. The association provides training and other educational resources for restaurant and lodging owners. Their website has information about from topics like credit card processing to hosted webinars regarding immigration issues.

They also work with law makers on such issues as the Joint-employer standard and its effect on franchising. Mandatory wage increases is another topic the group is addressing with state legislators. All members are encouraged to get involved to help improve the business climate for the industry.


New Jersey Builders Association

The New Jersey building industry has a strong advocate in their corner as the New Jersey Builders Association is working to enhance the business climate for builders, sub-contractors, material suppliers and all others in this vital industry.

The association provides the latest information on its website regarding significant issues such as affordable housing, environmental issues and housing data. They encourage members to become involved and created the Housing Ambassadors program to encourage this action. Housing Ambassadors are asked to learn about current and pending legislation regarding the housing industry and to spread this information to their co-workers. They are asked to emphasize how different laws and regulations may impact their jobs.


Marine Trades Association of New Jersey

Recreational boating is a popular activity in a coastal state as New Jersey. In 2006, 2.1 billion dollars were spent on this activity in the state. Given the economic impact of this activity, the Marine Trades Association of New Jersey was established in 1972 with a commitment to work for the welfare of the boating industry.

This commitment continues today as the association is very active in lobbying state legislators to protect the interest of the recreational boating industry. They meet with state officials to discuss laws and regulations relevant to the boating industry and will strive to protect this source of revenue for many businesses throughout New Jersey.


Health Care Association of New Jersey

The Health Care Association of New Jersey works on behalf of not only long-term health care providers, but on patients receiving such care. Their mission is to stress the importance of long-term care facilities to the elderly and disabled individuals of New Jersey.

The non-profit association works to enact common sense legislation that is fiscally responsible and also fully addresses the health care needs of New Jersey’s senior and disabled populations. They provide a wealth of information on emergency preparedness and host educational seminars and other events designed to enhance the delivery of long-term health care in New Jersey.

These are just some of the larger business organizations available to join here in New Jersey. Have one you’d like to share? Feel free to add to this list in the comments below!

Eric Hebert

Founder and Lead Digital Strategist