10 Minute SEO Audit: Auto Repair SERP Analysis

10 Minute SEO Audit: Auto Repair SERP Analysis & Suggestions

In a new series here at evolvor.com we’re dubbing ” the 10 minute SEO audit”. I’m going to pick a random search query and then quickly analyze aspects of the SERPS to see what kind of things we can find and offer advice on how to tighten up your SEO. Each post will be completely random and will include all sorts of gut-reaction things that I look for when doing competitive analysis, so stay tuned for new and insightful posts!

Without further ado, let’s jump right into this week’s audit: “auto repair”

Obviously this keyword phrase is going to return a set of local results including the 7-pack of Google Local/My Business listings. First thing that I’m looking for here are those who are bidding on keywords. I notice that ads #2 and #4 include address & phone number information, utilizing the sitelinks options in AdWords (#2 including additional links).


Next thing I notice that stands out is one particular local result in the 7 pack. This is the only one that has any Google Reviews and this immediately gets my attention. I would most certainly be clicking on that one if I was looking for a reputable repair shop for my car. It really is important to rack up just a few Google reviews to make your listing convert!


You’ll notice that most of the listings here are national chains like Monro, Pep Boys, and NTB. But let’s say I want to support local business instead, so I’m going to pop on over to Monty’s Auto and Tire Center to see what they have to offer, as they are the only non-chain brand in the 7 pack results.


Overall the design gives me a positive feeling about Monty’s and the information I really need is the address and phone number; the call-to-actions are nicely placed in the top right section of the header. More and more of these kinds of businesses are getting traffic from mobile, so I’d want to have that phone number clickable to make it easy to call right from my phone.

Also, these days I make all my phone numbers clickable AND include the event tracking tag so that I can track these clicks in Google Analytics. The code for Monty’s would look like this as an example.

[html]<a class="btn" href="tel:8566922669" onclick="_gaq.push([‘_trackEvent’, ‘Mobile’, ‘Click to Call’])">(856) 692-2669</a>[/html]

Looking at the actual organic results I’m seeing a lot of local business sites, but I don’t see Monty’s listed on the first page. If I did notice it that would be a trust signal to get me as a customer. So I decided for our purposes here to see where in the results they pop up in – and sure enough, they are sitting at the top of page 2!


So let’s say I’m Monty’s and I want to get us pushed up to the first page of the SERPS. Sitting at #11 is a great opportunity and the difference in business that could be generated by being on page one of the SERPS could be like night or day. My gut tells me that a nice combination of on-page optimization (this site looks a tad dated in the SEO department – I noticed the over optimized footer links for the software/CMS it’s using) and some key backlinks could be just what this site needs to push it over the edge.

First thing I wanna do is some basic auditing to see if there are any content/Panda related penalties. This is as simple as using the “site” search qualifier in Google, and looking for any “omitted” results. This is usually a good sign that Google isn’t exactly a fan of the content of the site and some things could be done to clean up “thin” or duplicate content as an SEO tactic.

If you keep clicking deep into the index and see the “omitted” indicator at the bottom of the last page, you probably are having this issue.


Finally I want to check some quick backlink metrics to see what they look like. I popped on over to Majestic and quickly found that, the site has ZERO link action in the fresh index and very few in the historical index. I know that if I can get some social traction going with the site, and some nice strong backlinks (along with tightening the on-page issues), getting the bump this site needs won’t be a problem.


So there you have it – a quick ten minute SERP audit. So you can see how many different things can have an impact on not only your rankings but also the interaction with your listings, whether it be paid, local 7-pack listings or your organic results. Take these all in consideration when doing your own optimization and remember to think about what your customer is looking for and how to get them in the door or on the phone.

Eric Hebert

Founder and Lead Digital Strategist