Ad Retargeting 101 - Why Should Your Business Use It?

Ad Retargeting 101 – Why Should Your Business Use It?

Having an Internet presence is vital to business in our modern society and companies often seek ways to generate traffic to their websites.   Ad retargeting is one of the methods that are used to encourage web users to visit a specific website.

Ad retargeting is an automatic process that takes information of visitors to a certain website and uses this information to “follow them” on the Internet.   The information is obtained by cookies placed in code found on at the footer of a website.    When this same individual visits other websites, advertisement will appear from the pages that used ad re-targeting.    This technique is designed to remind web users of their previous visit to a specified webpage and hopefully, encourage them to go to the site again.

Benefits of Ad Retargeting

Ad retargeting allows business owners to track visitors to their website and provides a brief Internet profile of these potential customers.   It is a fully automatic process that does not involved any sort of personal interaction with website visitors. Ad retargeting can be used on multiple platforms such as mobile, tablets and desktops and can gather information from the different applications a user may download.   Ad retargeting used on social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter can find appropriate advertisements based on a user’s interests.  The popularity of social media has the potential to generate many website visitors and possible sales.

The cost to run an ad retargeting campaign is relatively inexpensive.  Many providers of this service charge less than $100.00 for a week of ad-retargeting service (ultimately the cost is based around the amount of traffic you’re targeting).   With statistics showing that 98 % of web users will return to a site when presented with re-targeting advertisement, the use of this marketing tool is an excellent, cost-effective way to generate website traffic.

Companies that use ad retargeting will receive useful information such as click through rates and sales information.  The business can use this data to analyze customer behavior and the effectiveness of their website.   They can also gain information of which of their products or services generate the most interest and design future advertising accordingly.

A Great Tool

Re targeting platforms are effective tools for new and established businesses to encourage visitors to come back to the websites.    It is a cost-effective method that can be easily customized to changing market climates.   Re targeting gives business owners a non-invasive way to way to reach customers and increase sales.

Eric Hebert

Founder and Lead Digital Strategist