20,000+ Free Comics? Comic Book Plus Is the Coolest Thing Online

20,000+ Free Comics? Comic Book Plus Is the Coolest Thing On The Internet

The past few months have been a renaissance of sorts for my love of comic books. After reading the awesome Untold Story of Marvel Comics (in only one week) I’ve been chomping at the bit for spring to come so I can visit some flea markets and attend some local comic-cons.

Then came this tweet yesterday from the one-and-only Queen of Twitter:

Does that say 22,000 Golden & Silver Age Comics? She forgot to mention that they are FREE to download!

In case you are not aware, Comic Book Plus is the premier site to legally read and download Golden and Silver Age comic books and fanzines. The site has had different iterations and owners over the years and is now one gigantic repository of tons of comics that are in the public domain. It’s free to sign up (you just have to register) and after approval you’re free to view and download these historic books.


Now, you’re not going to find your Marvel and DC books here, and to really enjoy it you best know your history of comics (especially those first few years of Golden/Silver Age publishing). Back then there were a ton of publishers filling the newsstand with comics in all sorts of geners that didn’t make it to the Modern Age – tons of humor, western, romance and others. These were kids books that you found at the local drug store (as opposed to today where the indie comic market exists only at specialty stores).

The site also features a ton of pulps, fanzines, comic strips, and foreign language books available as well, with new upgrades and updates over the next few months.

The navigation and discovery of these rare books is pretty neat. Because of the vast number of books and categories available, getting started on what to check out or download can be a daunting task. That’s why Comic Book Plus has organized lists for you to discover the fun stuff, from the most downloaded and viewed to the highest rated and random sections. Check out the insite page to get started!


Some of the more well known publishers include Fawcett (the original Captain Marvel/Shazam!), Charlton (Captain Atom, Blue Beetle), Dell (Cartoon, Celebrities), & Quality (Blackhawk). There’s a ton of great artists who worked for Marvel & DC who also worked for these and other companies for you to discover and appreciate.

There are some truly awesome upgrades that will be launched in the next few months. These are guaranteed to propel Comic Book Plus to even greater heights!

Eric Hebert

Founder and Lead Digital Strategist