Waggl Launches Collective Intelligence Tool to Help Organizations

Waggl Launches Collective Intelligence Tool to Help Organizations

A team of San Francisco-based innovators and technologists today are pleased to unveil a powerful new tool that equips leaders with the ability to quickly crowdsource critical intelligence and surface unfiltered insights from within their organizations. Named after the unique dance used by honeybees to surface ideas and make decisions, waggl is excited to make its debut after extensive market research and a highly successful two year incubation period.

“It’s like Survey Monkey, but faster, more engaging and better for making decisions.”

The brainchild of co-founders at leading human capital management firm, Fort Hill Company, waggl addresses the shortcomings of methods used by today’s business leaders for collecting insights and data to make informed decisions, such as email, surveys, interviews, focus groups, and enterprise/social collaboration tools.

Using waggl through a mobile device, tablet or desktop, leaders can simply share a question and engage employees in a process where ideas are shared and then voted on by their peers. waggl efficiently taps into the true and unvarnished sentiments of a group, along with the important collective intelligence and reactions to inquiries and ideas – all of which is then consolidated into an actionable dashboard.

Key Features of waggl:

  • Fast and intuitive interface for leaders to quickly pulse a question to crowds
  • Intelligent engagement engine that invites and encourages participation from employees
  • Engaging experience across devices including mobile, tablet and desktop that goes beyond the static 1.0 survey paradigm that allows users to vote on anonymous pairs of answers using a proprietary pairing algorithm
  • Real-time leaderboard that details the top crowdsourced answers, that is easily shareable and immediately transparent for both the asker and respondents

“Knowledge is arguably an organization’s most valuable asset, yet it’s locked away in the minds of customers, employees and unwieldy data systems,” said Michael Papay, CEO at waggl. “We’re all about human search for the organization; it enables individuals to rapidly and effectively tap into groups of all kinds, collect powerful insights and engage people in a fun, real-time process that drives the best ideas to the top – there’s truly nothing like it.”

To date, waggl has helped more than 1,000 customers, globally, surface ideas and insights, including organizations in the technology, healthcare, education, sports, and consumer goods spaces.

In addition to today’s launch, the waggl leadership team is in active discussions with a series of experienced business leaders and Silicon Valley-based investors. The company is in the process of raising $1 million to $2 million in seed funding with an expected close before May.

Have have you had any success with using survey’s to mine data from your customers? I’m looking forward to testing Waggl out soon here at evolvor and for some of my other projects, stay tuned!

Eric Hebert

Founder and Lead Digital Strategist