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Kuhcoon Launches New Mobile Facebook Ad Manager

Kuhcoon, a Philadelphia based tech start-up, has just released it’s first public beta version of it’s new mobile Facebook Ad Manager.

Andrew Torba and Charles Szymanski started building Kuhcoon in 2011 with the mission of making social media marketing as fun and painless as possible. Kuhkoon sets out to help you create, manage, monitor, and automatically optimize all of your Facebook ad campaigns for proven higher returns per advertising dollar.

[blockquote bg_color=”#eeeeee”]andrew-torba“We started out as an agency helping brands from around the world create, manage, and monitor social media ad campaigns and communities” says Torba.

“Our vision for this product was to make it intuitive enough for small businesses and agencies to understand, but powerful enough to create custom solutions for enterprise partners. Enterprise software is often very clunky. It tends to have a huge learning curve that takes hours of training to understand, if it’s ever understood at all.

We think this is silly. Our goal is to help our users easily create optimized paid media campaigns on Facebook that provide the best possible results for every marketing objective.” [/blockquote]

During the development process Kuhcoon realized four major problems with social advertising they wanted to solve:

[bullets color=”#7AB80E”]
[bullet]1. There was no mobile app on the market for Facebook Ad management on the go.[/bullet]
[bullet]2. Optimizing ad campaigns is difficult. We calculated that we were wasting roughly 30 percent of our ad spend budget every month trying to “figure out what works.”[/bullet]
[bullet]3. Small and medium business owners, freelance consultants, and agencies do not have an affordable third-party software solution for optimizing paid media campaigns.[/bullet]
[bullet]4. There is confusion among advertisers about the several different types of ad offerings and which of them will work best for their brand.”[/bullet][/bullets]


The biggest problem Kuhcoon wanted to tackle was the lack of mobile apps on the market to manage Facebook ad campaigns.

The team has built a beautiful mobile experience that mimics the look and feel of Facebook’s native applications, where users can manage their ad campaigns from the palm of their hand.


In addition to the mobile experience, Kuhcoon’s other major focus is on making sure your campaigns get the most bang for your buck. The software analyzes the best times/days of the week to run ad campaigns, automatically starting and stopping campaigns to prevent ad rot, and adjusting bids in real-time as they fluctuate.

These are automated optimization solutions that would be impossible to replicate manually – these optimized campaigns will save you time and money.

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Screen Shot 2014-01-14 at 2.06.47 PM

Interested in giving Kuhcoon a shot? Signup for free here, and download the mobile iOS app here. Be sure to follow them on Twitter and Facebook too for new updates as the tool continues to update with new features and options.

Eric Hebert

Founder and Lead Digital Strategist