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Philadelphia Marketing & Advertising Agencies You Might Want to Hire (or Work For)

It’s another year in the world of selling products, generating leads, and building brands over here at, and that means looking into the future of where I want to turn next. One of the things that I’ve slowly moved towards over the last few years has been becoming more of a traditional “ad” agency, the key word here being advertising, or paid media. With a killer understanding of organic marketing under my belt, it’s time to focus on my continued work in paid, display, ad re-targeting, and more visual creatives like video.

While I have my little start-up projects and freelance work here and there, I haven’t been in a creative office environment since the summer. Now that the new year is here and my time is free, I’ve been doing some research on marketing and advertising agencies in the Philadelphia region.

Over the next few weeks I will be publishing a series of posts about which companies I stumble upon in my research I might be interested in working for. Just some fun analysis based on the websites I find (note that these selections are found in both Paid and Organic Google results using the keywords “marketing and advertising agencies” – some are more traditional, some are more web development based).

In my analysis, I’m looking for a few important factors to decide whether or not I think these companies are “up to speed”, and even if they are not, that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t want to be a a part of their team – some of my best work has been working for companies that needed some new blood to step in and teach them the proper digital strategy!


k2 Communications

First Impression: Typical Run-of-the-mill landing/home/slider page with standard, cookie-cutter message.

Call-to-Action (Landing Page): Zero

Portfolio: Pretty well rounded group of locally-recognized brands in medical & lifestyle.

Social Media: No real “blog” and no links to social media presence until I reached the “Contact” page. There I finally found links to FB (26 Likes), YouTube, a free “brand starter kit” email CTA, and a link to an outdated WordPress-hosted blog.

Services: Seem to lean on more traditional print with a dash of digital, which is a plus for a guy like me to expand on that side of things.

Things that stand out: Larger brand logos (Comcast, Kodak, Microsoft) on client page, which means they’ve done work with even bigger dogs in the past. I love the “Let’s do Lunch” CTA on that page.

Analysis: Is this place still in business? I’m not really sure, but my gut tells me they are doing just fine and just too busy with their client work to worry about their own lead generation from their website – they probably don’t need it. I’d jump at the chance to work with K2, they are obviously in need of some more digital strategy and I’m the kind of person who could bring that to the table. Absolutely worth pursuing if you’re looking to establish a job in digital (if you have the chops to help build out that side of the business).


Nuwav Marketing

First Impression: How old is this website?

Call-to-Action (Landing Page): Sort-of – buttons at the bottom of the page take you to service sections. Not effective calls-to-action by any means, but I’ll credit them with outdated buttons that stand out a little bit. Point them to a contact form in the sidebar and we’d have a winner.

Portfolio: Stock-looking flash header mentions a number of different verticals – food/restaurants, industrial/chemical, clothing/cosmetics, and more. Looks like they don’t have a specific niche or vertical, and nothing specific listed other then some basic local business websites.

Social Media: Twitter link seems to be broken with no mentions since 2011. Facebook link redirects me to my News Feed. Starting to think this company is dead.

Services: Very generic and traditional print advertising, web design, SEO, blah blah blah

Things that stand out: How outdated and generic everything feels, from name to design to imagery it all feels very 1999.

Analysis: Unless I’m going to be in charge of an entire re-branding campaign, and am going to take charge of the digital stuff, I don’t feel like this is a company that I’d like to work for. They obviously are not too concerned with their digital footprint at this point but that doesn’t mean they don’t have it in the works either.


Prager Microsystems

First Impression: Digital-focused, modern agency. Kind of what I’m looking for.

Call-to-Action (Landing Page): Still stuck in the the “trendy slider design” without an immediate CTA. Case study pages do have “contact” CTA at the very least.

Portfolio: Nothing special in terms of brands, but solid results for local businesses.

Social Media: Frequently updated blog and social media profiles with legitimate numbers to back it up (which at least show an effort, not going to say they are all real)

Services: Pretty straight forward suite of digital marketing services and a clear competitor of my own. Don’t think they get to involved on the traditional/branding/print side of things, or at the very least consult and outsource them.

Things that stand out: The team – I get to see them! They are real people and that means a lot, especially in the digital world.

Analysis: This looks like a great team and I’d jump at a chance to work with them. While big brands are impressive to a company, I’d feel right at home with a smaller team and campaigns to work on.



First Impression: Ewww Giant Flash Website…with nevertheless impressive clients and work.

Call-to-Action (Landing Page): After a few seconds of an annoying Flash Video I found the CTA I was looking for – the “click to skip” button!

Portfolio: Something about “Disney” flashed by my eyes but maybe there’s a reason I can’t find any additional info. Everything LOOKS impressive though. Oh wait, I found some. Hilton. OC Travel. Some big clients here.

Social Media: Links to LinkedIN page and Youtube Channel. Not Very Active.

Services: Very vague but they absolutely lean on the more traditional and video/commercial side of things.

Things that stand out: While the services are vague they are described in very creative, outside-the-box kind of way, even if they are using made up marketing jargon. The allusion to Area 51 in their name creates a mysterious “secret-sauce” kind of experience in working with them.

Analysis: I like their clients and for someone who wants to be more hands-on with video in 2014, I’d have to see where I fit. Looks like they’re really good with coming up with the more traditional style video commercial so it be fun to collaborate on a project from a strategy standpoint and see them bring it to life.


Stream Companies

First Impression: THIS LOOKS AWESOME

Call-to-Action (Landing Page): Email Signup for “tips to boost your IQ” with hand-drawn airplane zipping by – SOLD!

Portfolio: Kremer Eye Center. Cabrini College. BIG Local well-known brands who’s ads I’ve seen (and heard) everywhere.

Social Media: ALL OVER IT

Services: These guys look like they do it all, with the perfect blend of traditional (direct mail) to the current (inbound marketing is the word they choose). Very happy not to see “SEO” as a service but it’s no doubt baked into their strategies.

Things that stand out: Everything. First thing you see is a free webinar. The cute “hand drawn” phrases atop their navigation links and the other doodles. The clients. The press and awards.

Analysis: Who wouldn’t want to work for these guys? When can I start? Only thing I’d be worried about it how BIG of a company this is but I’m already under the pretense that they’re as fun to work for as their website is to navigate.


Neff Associates

First Impression: Slightly generic story but looks promising…

Call-to-Action (Landing Page): Nice drop-down contact form integrated into standard slider.

Portfolio: Impressive list of local and well-known brands. Krispy Kreme!

Social Media: Pretty well-updated blog & social media presence.

Services: A prefect blend of traditional PR, media, and digital strategy. I have a feeling I’d fit in perfectly with the latter of them.

Things that stand out: “Meet the Team”, client roster, clean design. Awards are always a big deal.

Analysis: Location here is a deal-breaker, it’s right where I want to be working in the city. I’m wondering how big the staff is and what the company culture is like, but this firm is a no-brain-er.


Liquid Interactive

First Impression: Martin Guitar? I’m listening…

Call-to-Action (Landing Page): Nothing strong really. Footer newsletter sign-up is better than nothing.

Portfolio: Aforementioned Martin Guitar. Mack Trucks. Some other very legit-sounding brands.

Social Media: Links very prominent and their profiles, while current, are not consistent with updates. This is probably a small busy firm who doesn’t have someone chillin’ on Twitter 24/7.

Services: Very much web driven strategies, video integration is a strong plus.

Things that stand out: Two locations (one in North Carolina). Some well-known brands. Seems like they’re on to something.

Analysis: I like the idea of working for a company that has big things happening but is still growing – I want to get in on the ground floor and be a PART of that big thing as it happens!

I hope these companies know I’m just providing some real constructive criticism and are open to that sort of thing – sorry if I ruffled any feathers.

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Eric Hebert

Founder and Lead Digital Strategist