Contest Submission: Sound Chaos - 2 Stars (Out of Five) |

Contest Submission: Sound Chaos – 2 Stars (Out of Five)

The following artist is one of the participants of the Evolvor Crowdsourced Rock Compilation Contest This review is a very quick, first impression of what we thought of their submission and the data presented in their electronic press kit.

Submission: Live Your Dreams

Sound Chaos is a one man act from Milwaukee WI. My favorite aspect about Sound Chaos is that he claims that every song has a meaning and story behind it and fans are encouraged to ask the artist about it. That kind of fan interaction is always clutch.

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However, that meaning behind the song gets lost within the music. It honestly sounds like a track recorded by a dude in his bedroom on a keyboard with various effects, which doesn’t due the track any justice. The sound quality doesn’t help the noise either. While I’m sure that Sound Chaos has something interesting to say in his music it just isn’t there just yet. He needs to strip everything down a bit and invest in better equipment before going any further.

Eric Hebert

Founder and Lead Digital Strategist