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Posting Your Songs or Events on Facebook is NOT Interacting

Oh Facebook, how you’ve done wonders for all of us to post pictures of lol catz and links to celebrity news articles we read when we should be at work. Yes, Facebook has opened many doors for us to interact with our friends and peers in ways that before might have had to wait until the end of the day at the bar to discuss, or via snail mail or whathaveyou. Now we can share information in real time, 24/7.

Discovery on Facebook

This is especially true with musicians – they now can share their freshly recorded material with us via a number of ways (downloads, widgets, etc.). At that is fantastic! Super cool to find out about a new song from your favorite band just by logging in to “The Book” and seeing it in your news feed. It’s a hell of a lot better then the days when you had to sit and listen to the radio all day, fingers crossed that they’d play the new single you heard about. Remember how annoying that was?

And what about shows and events? Now with the wonders of Facebook, we all know exactly when and where a band is playing at all times. As a a matter of fact, I usually can tell you what’s going on at every bar in town on any given night, all because of Facebook event invites and constant “ahem” spamming of each band member of each show in their FB news feed. No more hoping that someone sees your poster plastered all over town in order to get them to come out to the show.

Facebook Event Burnout

At the same time, and I’m speaking for local, small time bands for the most part, this constant “interacting” with your Facebook friends about your upcoming gigs eventually burns everyone out, ESPECIALLY if you play the same gigs over and over again. By the 10th time your friends see you play the same bar or club, it really doesn’t matter what it is you’re doing up on stage. Yes, sadly, most of the time these people are just coming out TO BE SEEN. It’s no longer about your music or your performance, it’s about the bar, the people, knowing it’s the cool thing to do, etc.

So why is this? Isn’t the whole point of updating my Facebook to keep people in the loop of my shows and to post pictures of how much fun people had and to keep them coming and coming? Well yes, of course. Unfortunately if all you’re doing is plugging the shows every other day, you’re not giving anyone a reason to come other then the fact that it might be a cool place to hang that night, and everyone else is thinking the same exact thing. They’re not thinking “oh they are so good i have to go see that band for the upteenth time”, they are thinking “oh I know so and so will be there”. This is truth for a local band/bar scene.

REAL Interaction

So how do I use a tool like Facebook to get people to pay more attention, to keep on giving a shit? Well, the answer is REAL interaction. You have the ability with a tool like Facebook to really get a message across, to really INTERACT with them. So do just that! Yes I want to know when your next show is, but I also want to know the meaning behind my favorite song, why you chose to include that one weird instrument in another, how you came up with the lyrics to the second chorus, why so-and-so plays the bass instead of drums in this part, etc etc etc. Really get people into the music, show them and teach them what’s going on so they have a better understanding of it.

Then the next time that song is on at the bar, I might say shhhh to the person I’m talking to and really pay attention (even though I’ve heard the somg a 100 times).

Some other ideas for REAL interaction on Facebook:

Posting set lists after every show – how many of you actually tell the audience the name of your songs as your playing them? How the hell am I supposed to remember it then? Posting a set list might make songs a little more memorable.

Cover song requests – ask your followers what covers they’d like to see the band do at an upcoming show, then make it a mystery to keep them paying attention.

Giving away prizes – This is a great way to get your friends and followers to get NEW people out to a show, which is what you should be doing anyways. Ask all your friends to post an event and put them in a drawing for a prize.

Any other ideas that you have for interacting with your friends and fans on Facebook? Leave them in the comments below!

Eric Hebert

Founder and Lead Digital Strategist

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  1. kyle langan says:

    Love the personal testimonials idea regarding the latest project or certain track meanings

  2. kyle langan says:

    Love the personal testimonials idea regarding the latest project or certain track meanings