ReverbNation Teams Up With Label 2.0 to Provide Free Training to Indie Musicians |

ReverbNation Teams Up With Label 2.0 to Provide Free Training to Indie Musicians

reverbnation150x120whiteCould ReverbNation possibly offer the Indie musician any more free business and promotional tools than they already have? With their free music widgets, email software, and stats programs, you’d think they’d run out of free things for musicians to use to spread the word about their music.

Not so. Over the past few weeks, ReverbNation has added several new things into their artist “Resources” section of their control panel, including information about several well known music industry consulting groups for bands to contact should they want outside promotion.

And as of last Thursday, ReverbNation unveiled the free “Advanced Tips” training module for users to learn how to fully utilize their ReverbNation memberships.

The module was prepared by yours truly, and is also part of our Label 2.0 membership program. After using the ReverbNation console for over two years, I noticed there is just SO much that can be done with all the different (mostly free) ReverbNation tools and services that many bands don’t fully utilize.

For example, file sharing is a cinch with the ReverbNation music tools. Not only do you have the ability to embed widgets all across the web to offer downloads of your tracks, but you can easily just copy the link location of a track to send via email or IM. No need to use annoying file-sharing services or zip files.

It’s little tips and tricks like this that I feel are often overlooked but provide a ton of value to the indie musician. ReverbNation really is your one-stop shop for almost all of your digital marketing needs. Any band can use these tools and services to get their music in front of people, build their email list, and put together tours. Years ago it would have cost a TON of money and manpower to do what ReverbNation can provide, and I’m happy to provide you with the knowledge to know how to leverage everything in the proper way.

To start off, there are 8 chapters in the Advanced module, including the basics of getting started using ReverbNation, all the way through some advanced analysis of using the Widgets, Stats, and the Street Team features.

Every couple of weeks we will be updating the module with even more advanced stuff, including using some of the newer features like the Direct-to-Fan store and how to build the ultimate website using WordPress and ReverbNation.

If you’re a current ReverbNation member, you can access this awesome and informative training module in your artist Control Panel; just look for the “Resources” tab and click “ReverbNation Advanced Tips”.

If you’re a Label 2.0 member, we hope you see the value in this partnership with one of the best digital music communities on the web, and hope that having them on board supporting us will see our membership grow with the right kind of musician mindset – those who are embracing the digital music age and learning how to take advantage of it. This module is the ONLY training module you’ll see outside of Label 2.0, and of course, only our members will have access to the user forums.

Eric Hebert

Founder and Lead Digital Strategist

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  1. This is wonderful.

    I would love to introduce you to Your Digital Record ( We see this working very well within ReverbNation. Check it out !

    Thanks for the news Eric.

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