Greg Rollett & Eric Hebert Join Forces to Bring You "Label 2.0" |

Greg Rollett & Eric Hebert Join Forces to Bring You “Label 2.0”


It is with great pleasure that I bring you the following announcement!

I have teamed up with marketing extrodinare Greg Rollet, and we have started a new record label dubbed “Label 2.0”.

I won’t keep you waiting too long to find out exactly what it is, so I’ll let Greg take it away and give you the details. Label 2.0 launches July 1st, but if you act now you can get a free sneak peak!

*Update – we’ve pushed the launch date back a few weeks, and have a MAJOR announcement coming your way about the project; until then, enjoy the ride!

“The internet has changed the game for marketing in all industries. Some people don’t ask what happend, they just find a way to use it to their advantage.

Getting any message (including Music) out requires you to know what works. Label 2.0 shows you what WILL WORK for talented musicians to get their message out. A Myspace page alone isn’t going to distribute your music. Find out the right way with their in depth actionable guides for musicians.”

– Todd Malicoat,

groLabel 2.0 Will Help you Sell More Music, Create a Bigger Buzz and Keep More Money in Your Pockets than Any Major Label Deal…Hands Down!

Music marketing has always been thought of as something you do in your spare time, the time you spend between practices, shows, tours, writing, recording and spending your time being a rock star. Those days are long gone!

With the rise of technology music marketing is now on the same scale as writing, recording and playing out live. At the end of the day if no one listens to your music, YOU are the one to blame.

Music marketing is generally taught like this:

  • Myspace Friend Adders
  • You Need To Build Relationships
  • Get an Email List
  • There’s this new thing called Twitter…

This is all Bullshit! Not that they don’t work, but you need to know how to work these online tools to SEE results – BIG results!

okWith Label 2.0, we take you back to school and teach you – we hold your hand and help you create effective marketing strategies to gain more fans, sell more stuff and make a living doing this stuff that you love.

If you are looking to effectively create a buzz around your music, sell more of your stuff and find creative ways to drive you and your band’s income so you can quit working at Wendy’s or Pacific Sunwear and start working in a studio and living in a van, then Label 2.0 is going to blow your friggin socks off.


  • Why give money from your sales to people that don’t give a shit about your career and development?
  • Who says you can’t build a relationship with every single fan?
  • Why can’t you record and broadcast live video and ask for sales?
  • Why do you need a venue to rock for fans in Iceland, Australia or Nebraska?
  • Why do you have to be afraid to sell your stuff to the people who want it?
  • Why do you have to settle for being a local band?
  • Who says the only way to make money is from selling songs?

Label 2.0 is the answer the indie music community has been looking for.

You see, there are a ton of music 2.0 entrepreneurs out there (I put out a report of 100 Social Media Sites for Musicians a year ago and from that point till now I could easily make a list of the 300 most influential Social Media Sites For Musicians) but there are no marketers who actually show you how you can leverage these sites to create your own record label!

In Label 2.0 you will learn:

  • How to increase email sign ups up to 400% at your live shows
  • How to cut out the middleman and sell your music on your own site
  • How to stop relying on Myspace to keep your stats, traffic and fans
  • How to ask for the sale without being pushy
  • How to optimize your videos on YouTube to see 10,000+ more views
  • How to use SEO to get more eyeballs on your website
  • How to giveaway your music to make more money than most major label artists see selling their music
  • How to find bloggers who would love to review your music and send your hordes of fans
  • How to use Myspace, Facebook, Twitter and other trendy tools to funnel fans into your sales cycle
    And so much more!

Who is going to teach you all this stuff?

gro1Greg Rollett – That’s me. I run a site called Gen-Y Rock Stars and a company called Rollett Marketing. I was an indie musician for 10 years, touring the country and playing on bills with Daughtry, Buckcherry, Bubba Sparxxx, Sevendust, Jesse McCartney, O-Town, Nina Sky and countless others. I have produced music for Layzie Bone of Bone-Thugs-N-Harmoney, Caveman Theory and Triggerslip.

After getting out of the music business I started my marketing consulting company helping companies like Coca-Cola, Miller Lite and Warner Brothers connect with the Gen-Y audience. My passion lies in helping indie bands and small businesses realize their potential by using the web as a tool to drive business and create opportunity.

me78Eric Hebert – Eric is an Internet Marketing Superstar and author of, a music industry resource site that helps indie bands learn about tools and put these applications into motion. Eric is a keen marketer with a background helping big businesses, ecommerce sites, musicians and aspiring entrepreneurs make their businesses more successful by using the tools on the web as a friend and not a foe.

Eric Hebert’s skill and knowledge with the online marketing of independent music has helped me realize that there is a lot more to the music business than playing shows and selling CDs.

Through his guidance I am learning the steps I need to take in order to connect with my fan base in a way that will keep them coming back for more while at the same time growing that base to it’s full potential. Eric’s strategies are a perfect fit for my independent band and I recommend him highly!

– Ed Sadler, Fear

How can you really make money without a major label?

I am going to tell you the story of Kevin Kelly, former writer at Wired magazine. Kelly stated that to achieve your desires you do not need a million fans (as Major Labels would have you believe). In fact you only need 1,000 TRUE FANS. These TRUE FANS are the ones who will do anything for you and your band. From buying concert tickets to pre-ordering your album to grabbing a shirt or 2, these true fans will spend on average of $100 per year on your STUFF.

Do you know what that equates to?

$100,000. That’s a good amount of change.

What if I told you that this was not only possible but easily attainable?

okLabel 2.0 is the system that we have used on countless bands to grow their TRUE FAN BASE from 10-20-50-100 fans to 1,000-5,000-10,000-50,000 fans in less than one year’s time.

They are creating the type of music business that allows these bands to

  • Play Packed Shows Every Night Across the Globe
  • Focus on the Music
  • Write Better Songs
  • Personally Connect With Every One of their Fans

We are going to SHOW AND PROVE to you why everything you know about marketing your music and trying to “MAKE IT” is DEAD WRONG!

You see, Label 2.0 is like Marketing School For Musicians, complete with modules on every facet of using the Internet as your own personal Record Label. We walk you through the use of these tools and how to milk every last drop out of them to get the most attention, the most fans and the best conversions!

Just take a look at the first Module:


mailIn this module you get advanced training on the fundamentals and advanced tips on creating a MONEY MAKING email list of fans that want to hear from you, want you to pitch them and want to get every detail of your career delivered straight to their inbox. In this module you will learn:

  • Why You Need an Email List
  • Free Email Service Providers
  • FanBridge
  • Reverbnation FanMail
  • Champion Sound
  • Aweber
  • Getting Subscribers
  • What Do I Say?
  • Writing Your Newsletter
  • Asking for the Sale
  • Rock Star Email Hacks
  • Legendary Email Marketers

In the Fan Filter Module you get 12 individual training lessons, 7 videos and a list of action items to get started right away in building this email list.

Here is a teaser from the 2nd Module: Using Video To Kill The Radio Star

When creating video descriptions the first thing in your description needs to be

It has to have the http and you have to send them to an action page (aka not your Myspace). Using http will make the link live (meaning that your new fan doesn’t have to copy and paste, they just click). The 2nd reason to put it first is that YouTube only displays the first few words of the description on the video page, the rest can only be seen by clicking on more information. You want your link to be seen by everyone that comes to that page!


And just think, we have video and step-by-step instructions to get you through every process in Label 2.0.

presentFree Bonus Download!

Download a MP3 Call with Spencer, Founder of FanBridge. Want to know what works in band email marketing from the guy that made an entire service devoted to it? In this 30 minute call we go over everything from landing pages, to mobile marketing to what makes a good subject to why some bands get it and some don’t.

Why is Label 2.0 Going To Give You Better Results than Anything Else Out There on The Web?

It’s pretty simple. We have used these strategies on everyone from small indie bands to major label artists to companies and small businesses. They work. AND THEY REQUIRE WORK!

This is not a magic pill but a blueprint to get the most out of you and your talents.

It is Up to You! Are you ready to join the Movers and the Shakers?

Look, I’m not going to hype this up and say you’ll build a million dollar business just like many of my clients. I don’t know what you’ll do… in fact you could do even better than them- that’s actually the goal. It’s all possible. All you need is the strategy to pull it off, and you’ll see every step of your process will have predictable, repeatable conversions. You’ll make your fans happier, build a rabid following, and most of all – give them what they want.

Check out what Mike Shinoda from Linkin Park had to say on Labels vs. the DIY Music Community:

…if we were 18 years old right now, unsigned, and had Hybrid Theory sitting on our hard drives, we could be very disruptive to the record business. In past generations, it would be virtually impossible to record, market, and distribute your album without help. Now, you can do these things alone with unprecedented quality and efficiency. Make a great album on your own, promote it in the myriad social networks, and sell it from your websites.


Update! The sneak preview offer is no longer available. You can Join Label 2.0 now!

Eric Hebert

Founder and Lead Digital Strategist

6 Responses

  1. Will Duke says:

    I with these guys – if only we’d been born in ’89…

    This stuff is the ticket. If you’re a serious musician, you’d be crazy not to check it out.

    I’m almost tempted to sell our studio and go buy my old guitar back 🙂

    With their powers combined, Greg and Eric could take your band if you formed it yesterday and make you successful – not like the rock stars we’ve grown up admiring… better!

    Because the game really has changed, there’s opportunity for this generation of artists that the old guys never had. With the breaking of the big label model (even the indie label), and the stuff these guys are teaching, it’s actually possible for a new band that’s never “played the game”, to really “make it,” AND make money! Something that wasn’t as easy for our predecessors.

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