Barack The Vote! |

Barack The Vote!

Yup, it’s finally here…Election Day!

For all your voting info, check out Rock the Vote.

While I’m all about Obama, some folks may still be undecided. Maybe a look at the playlists of the candidates will change your mind.

Barack Obamas Favorite Music Playlist

John McCains Favorite Music Playlist

Hmm, McCain has the Beach Boys (which I like), but he’s got not one, but two, Abba songs. Meanwhile, Obama has The Boss, Th e Stone, Nina Simone and The Fugees. Oh yeah, he’s got his own song on there too.

I have to go with Barack on this one.

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  1. Eric Hebert says:

    Looking at McCain’s playlist is like listening to the Oldies station!

    I love how much music and musicians play a role in an election. I think they’re opinions are far more looked at then any other profession.